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Customer service is essential for customer satisfaction and retention, as well as profitability in the exhibition industry.

Having a well-defined customer service strategy in place in any industry can no longer be an afterthought. It is essential for customer retention and gaining new clients. It is essential to keep the customers you have, and gain their loyalty. Loyal customers are advocates of your organisation, and they also tend to be the most profitable so look after them


Here are 4 top tips you can implement today!

  1. Ask your customers wat they want

You may think you know what your customers expect from you in terms of customer service & support, but you may be amazed at what your customers might tell you they really expect if you take some time to ask them.

When you’re building a company and you start developing a product you always get feedback on what the customers want. At the end of the day when you really ask them questions & listen to them, you’d be amazed at what they say.


  1. Learn to anticipate what your customers will expect

You’ve got to invest up front and take the time to understand what your customer’s requirements are to home in on what they expect from you, get to the point where you can anticipate what some of them are going to need to provide an epic experience and also understand where the expectation lies to hopefully go above it.


  1. Create policies that drive the experience you want to provide to your customers

One of the most challenging spaces to give great customer service in is Live Events. I have learned from watching others fail in support that having that commitment to giving high level of customer service helps you grow your customer base & retention. We also have a very strong ethical and moral core of the kind of service we want to provide that we continually reflect on as we try to set up the best policies regarding giving exceptional customer service.


  1. Look for small changes to make in the process

First of all, make sure you have a process! Which means you know how to gather and respond to customers no matter where they are reaching out to you. You know where to get answers to questions you don’t have answers to or able to assign those special cases to someone on your team and then have the ability to know how the issue was resolved. We always find ways to tweak the process so that we can respond faster and exceed customer expectations.


customer service display revolution


At Display Revolution our reputation is built on our core values of customer focus, trust, honesty and teamwork. We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering exceptional customer service to each and every client, ensuring that they get the exhibition stand or event service suitable for their business needs and requirements.


To discuss your event requirements at your next event, give our experienced events team a call on  +44(0)121 554 2748 or send an email to

We offer a full turnkey exhibition service




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