tips for exhibition success

Planning your live events can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time exhibiting. However, if planned well it can be a wonderful, valuable experience for companies looking to increase brand awareness and increase face-to-face interactions for new business development, we all know this strategy exceeds every other marketing activity and aids in building stronger customer relationships producing higher ROI for the business.


To guide you through the process, here are five tips for Exhibition success:


1. Choose the right exhibition

Is the event industry specific? What other companies exhibit there? Does the competition exhibit? Do your research on the show, get visitor stats from the exhibition organiser, has the event been successful? Do you know any other companies who have exhibited there that you could talk too?

Although exhibitions are very valuable and offer a high ROI, they can be expensive, ensure that there are no other events that are more suited to your needs, your targets and your audience. You can always ask your stand builder for their input, they deal with many events over many industries in a variety of locations

2. Source a good exhibition stand builder

Once you have your space booked at an event, source a good stand builder to work with you, ensure they understand your brand and your vision, create the stand that will meet your event objectives.  A good stand builder will work closely with you to fully understand your requirements for your exhibition and transform your ideas into breath taking designs

For this to be possible, source a good stand builder as early as possible. This not only helps create a good, solid professional working relationship, it will allow everyone the time to ensure design satisfaction

3. What do you want to achieve at the Exhibition?

Ask yourself, why are you exhibiting? Is it to promote company awareness? Launch a new product? New business development? Improve and maintain PR?

Don’t have too many goals and objectives, set two and talk with your stand builder so your stand can be built to ensure you meet your objectives

This is critical for the design of your stand – there is no point in having a stand that has no space for interaction if your objective is to generate new business from short meetings

4. Pick the right staff for your event

Ensure you communicate your event objectives with the staff who will be attending your event. They need to know your goal or goals and what they should do in order to help achieve your objectives at the show.

If you are launching a new product, for example, they need to understand it, and can describe it, operate it and/or answer questions about it. And of course, everyone should also be a brand ambassador for your company, and be able to describe what you do in simple but positive terms to potential visitors to your stand.


 5. Make sure you follow up

Once the show is over, there is still a lot of work to do. You need to follow up on any leads or publicity that came out of the event. Follow up with your contacts as soon as possible – send them more marketing materials, set up a meeting, or simply send them a thank you email.

Although there is healthy ROI during the show (especially when you are selling / launching products), more lucrative returns are made post show if managed correctly. Ensure you have thought about this and have an plan of action in place to follow up on all leads gained during your exhibition


At Display Revolution we pride ourselves on our 25 years event experience, creatively designing and building custom built exhibition stands to ensure our clients exhibition objectives, brand and marketing budget are met. Understanding your brand is essential and we always put our clients brand first, taking into consideration – what do you want to say and who needs to know!


We create the experience you deserve – capable of delivering maximum impact to WOW your audience.

We offer the complete exhibition package from exhibition stand consultation, stand design, installation, hospitality right through to assisting with your marketing collateral for your event. Talk to us, we will gladly talk through all your objectives and marketing ideas for your next event helping your stand out from the crowd!


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