Ask yourself, what do you need the furniture to do?

• Do you need to showcase a new product?
• Do you need a meeting area so you can talk to new customers about your new product or launch?
• Do you need a seating area, for informal discussions & to relax in?
• Are important clients visiting you?

Whatever the reason is, choosing the right event Furniture for your Exhibition stand is an important element in the Exhibition Stand Design and Build up process.

Get it wrong and you’ll lose that valuable, expensive, floor space that could’ve helped you achieve your goals.
It’s the question of balancing the design and purpose aspect to give you maximum return on your choice. Display furniture plays a very crucial role in show casing your product to give maximum visibility that attracts visitors to your stand as well as creating a maximum impact.

You cannot miscalculate the importance of making sure your stand looks and feels superb. Your stand is your shop window for the day. It’s how your potential new customers will judge you. If your stand looks like you’ve cut corners and thrown it together at the last minute, what does that say about how you’re going to handle your new customers? Remember, your stand must be bold enough to give you market exposure, whilst inviting enough for full engagement and interaction with visitors – they could be your next client…

The finishing touches of your Exhibition Stand is what ultimately measures the quality of your Exhibition Stand build.
Comfy chairs work well, Exhibitions are tiring and attendees appreciate the rest while we’re trying to talk at length about our products.

Not many stands provide them for fear of slowing down attendee turnover, but the longer you can keep people on the stand, the more chance you have of making that sale & lead count. You can make it work as long as the message to your stand staff is clear: Reiterate your reasons for exhibiting and give clear, concise and achievable goals.

The same psychology principles can be applied with all furniture types. If your goal is to sit formal, informative meetings with visitors, taking a level of detail, why not try bistro style table and chairs? These are comfortable and practical whilst staying professional and purposeful.

If your intention is to generate potential leads and the information required is limited to contact details, poseur furniture works best. Quick turnaround, more relaxed, whilst keeping the professional look.

If you’ve never exhibited before, or even if you have, it’s essential you check out who is your competition within your industry.

Look at other exhibitors that have won awards for their displays or those that are top of their game. Who is your competition? Exhibitions are about exposure, what can you do to create a spectacle to generate more interest than your competitors?

Taking inspiration from previous exhibits that were particularly impressive is a great way forward. Look at past exhibitions to give you that little bit of inspiration. Look at the different types of furniture & colours which will inspire you to make the right choice for your stand. Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere.

Whatever, furniture you need for your exhibition stand, we can offer you a huge selection to choose from, from sofas, chairs, tables, bar stools, bar tables, desks & storage, outdoor & display counters to name a few.

Our team of event experts will talk through your event objectives and pick out the right event furniture for your stand. With our knowledge and your passion, you can have the stand that takes your business to the next level.

Take a look at our furniture hire brochure for some superb inspiration.

Contact us today for more information and how we can help you at your next event or expo

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