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Standing out from the crowd at your next Exhibition


First and foremost, the success of your exhibition stand lays in it’s overall layout and design.

The layout of your exhibition stand should be constructed in such a way that your brands products and services are the focal point of your stand. Every exhibition visitor that walks by should be instantly drawn to your stand and immediately know who your brand is and what your brand does. Don’t make them guess, stand out from the crowd!

Another important aspect about your exhibition stand layout is making sure that it is open and inviting to all exhibition visitors.  If you have the room, consider placing furniture to the side or back of the booth. The more open your exhibition stand is the more likely exhibition attendees will feel invited to engage with your team, staff, brand and stand


Top 3 Tips for Success



1. Invest in your stand brand display revolution

Exhibitions are a big investment, and if your looking to make an impact, spend your money on a quality booth. You will want to think of this as an investment in your brand and it’s image. Decide on a unique display to showcase your brand and a design that you will be able to reuse for many events in your event calendar 


2. Marketing Collateral marketing collateral display revolution

We have all been there, scoping out our competitors fancy exhibition stands and perfectly branded print brochures and flyers. You and your sales team should be proud of what you’re handing out to visitors and potential customers. this is an important piece of your brand. Most people won’t make a decision right then and there, but hopefully they will look at your brochure or flyer later and will remind them of the benefits of your business. This is all the more reason to make sure your print game is strong.


3. Professional Designstand design contractor

This one speaks for itself. Always use a professional exhibition stand design contractor. They are worth the investment for a great stand design and keeping within your brand expectations. Impressive imagery speaks volumes about your brand, so having a good graphic designer is key. just think about the three C’s: Creative stand design, Clear brand messaging and branded Colour.



At Display Revolution we pride ourselves on our 25 years experience, creatively designing and building exhibition stands to ensure our clients exhibition objectives, brand and marketing budget are met. Understanding your brand is essential and we always put our clients brand first, taking into consideration – what do you want to say and who needs to know!


We create the experience you deserve – capable of delivering maximum impact to WOW your audience. We offer the complete exhibition package from exhibition stand consultation, stand design, installation, hospitality right through to assisting with your marketing collateral for your event.

Talk to us, we will gladly talk through all your objectives and marketing ideas for your next event helping your stand out from the crowd!


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