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As more and more companies search for more innovative marketing methods, there’s been an increasing interest in custom built exhibition stands in recent times. A trade show is the ideal way to promote your business to a huge pool of ready-made potential clients while providing a distinctive, personal touch. With a dynamic custom built stand like the ones offered at Display Revolution, you can immediately grab the attention of people stopping at your exhibition stand in a completely individualised and unforgettable way. While there are numerous reasons for companies to opt for a custom built exhibition stand, here are our top three:

1. The stands are tailored to fit your company’s brand

One of the main benefits of a bespoke exhibition stand is that it’s specifically designed to embody your company brand and message, as well as promote your products and services. A custom built stand allows your marketing to go beyond simply transmitting information, and instead makes a significant visual impact that is engaging and memorable to potential clients. With vivid graphics and imagery, which is perfectly designed and tailored to suit your company by our experienced creative design team, you can be sure that your marketing materials embody the same level of quality that your own company provides to its clients.

2. You can combine technology and human presence

One of the disadvantages of marketing solely in the digital realm is that you miss out on the human interaction that’s often crucial to signing a long-term client. With a bespoke stand created by Display Revolution, you can embrace high-tech elements as part of your exhibition, such as media walls and touch screen devices, while also taking the time to speak to your customers face-to-face. This powerful interplay of traditional salesmanship and modern display techniques results in an unbeatable marketing opportunity, which has got businesses across the country opting for a custom stand at their exhibitions.

3. An intuitive build process that is free of stress

As any experienced management team will know, all customers appreciate when an order is processed easily and efficiently. With a custom built exhibition stand built by us, you never have to worry about any stage of its development. From the initial concept and design right through to installation and handover, the entire process is handled effortlessly by our exhibition experts. Just as the stand is custom made, you’re also given your own project manager to accompany you through the process. To learn more about our bespoke approach to every stand designed and built contact us today and receive a free quote. Let our creative team work with you on your next event. You will not be disappointed


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