types of exhibition stand designs

Did you know? Almost 41% of marketers believe that live events are the ‘single most effective’ marketing venture over digital marketing.

This isn’t surprising considering the fact that more than 84% of the attendees have the ‘power’ or rather the desire to purchase something that day.
If you go by these statistics, entering in trade shows will seem like a sure-fire way to boost your brand awareness.
But you’d be surprised to see how many businesses still fail to make an impact on the attendees. That’s because they don’t understand the importance of brand marketing at a live event.
The thing is that brand strategies for trade shows shouldn’t be just about creating a bang and grabbing eyeballs with theatrics. The main giveaway should always be the answer to this quintessential question:

What does your brand offer its customers?

The Dent in the Design

Most companies seem to believe that flashy designs and garish graphics are enough to catch the visitor’s attention. However, this proves to be a half-baked strategy.
We won’t deny that these features do have the ability to lure the audience inside the stand. Yet, what the interested audience will most definitely walk out if your exhibition stand fails to align with the purpose of your company.
That’s because people expect your exhibition stand to reflect upon what kind of service you provide.
For instance, when a person sees an exhibition stand that is heavy on tech they instantly make two assumptions. One is that the company is probably selling products or services associated with the tech world. Even if that isn’t the case, then they’re certainly a brand that has adopted a more modern approach towards marketing.
The basic idea is that different types of exhibition stand designs say different things about you. So it’s understandable that you’d want to select one that promotes your way in the best way possible. The best strategy is to select an exhibition design that fits your brand persona to the T.
Still confused?
Don’t fret!

We’ve compiled a list of exhibition stand designs and the corporate values they exhibit. Hopefully, this will make things clearer to you.

Let’s have a look at the various types of exhibition stand designs and what they stand for:

1. Custom Built Stands for Dynamic Go-Getters

In trade shows, companies usually opt for the ‘go big or go home’ mantra. That means you’ve got to take bolder steps to amp your presence. One way to do this is by investing in custom built exhibition stand designs. These particular stand designs offer you to get creative in a small setting.
This allows you to focus on the main attraction of your business.
For instance, Pukka Juice opted for a mini-juice bar kind of a vibe for their exhibition stand. Not only did the colour and vibrancy of the design attract visitors, but the whole idea of just selling out juice gave their exhibition a casual and performance-centric element.

It also gave them a chance to capitalize on their friendly customer service.

types of exhibition stand designs

2. Shell Scheme Designs for the Self Aware

What can shell scheme design say about you?
Opting for a shell scheme design isn’t a bad idea. It might say that you didn’t have the budget to go for theatrics. But there is plenty of room to make things work for your brand. Like the pop-up design, it allows you to play to your strengths.
For instance, Winx uses this standard shell scheme design to display their purifiers. They also managed to create a dining table like set up that has a dual purpose. Firstly, the layout functions as a place where prospective buyers can discuss the product with the salesperson. They might also sit and feel the air purifier work its magic just like it would when they keep it at home.

3. Modular Stands for Strategic Marketers

Modular stands are probably the most adaptive exhibition stand designs on this list. You usually get a deconstructive set of pieces that you can assemble anyway you want. This offers scope for switching things up in each trade show. It’s also a smart way to market your brand.

Let’s look at why this works:

• The clean cuts and standard layout offers you the option to go minimalistic
• If you’ve opted for a 3-Dimensional set up then you get to add a quirky element to the exhibition
• You have the option to choose a variety of colours and graphics to market your brand
Another great feature is that this type of exhibition stand can help you create a store-like illusion. So you can set up shops at the trade show without any hassle.

4. Boosting Customer Engagement with Immersive Stands

Customer engagement is considered as the biggest asset of any marketing campaign. So naturally, you’d like to emphasize on how engaging, interesting and friendly during a tradeshow. This strategy shows visitors that customers are the first priority for your company.
There are two ways to go with this. You can opt for an open spaced exhibition stand and equip it with high-tech gear to make it feel immersive. The other option is for you to used closed spaced design to create an intimate setting for the visitor. Then use furniture, décor, graphics and layouts to sell your story.
For instance, Sunshine Nutrition goes all out with this traditional ‘come seek consultation’ arrangement. It gives the brand a chance to work in its element. Additionally, anyone who steps in here will feel like they’ve left the exhibition. The latter characteristics help them get an edge over normal exhibition stand designs.

types of exhibition stand designs

The Best Exhibition Stand Design Is…

In our experience, the best exhibition stand design is one that steers clear from the cookie-cutter crowd. You don’t need to invest thousands of pounds just to prop up a showy stand. That’s because all fluff and no substance will only garner attention, not customers.
So the key is to create an exhibition space that builds its foundation on brand values and the services/products you sell. However, to really make an impact, the layout should also have customer-centric elements.

For example, ‘Pacific Smiles Group’ makes heads turn with a small, compact yet impactful exhibition stand. Instead of the basic dentistry layout, they’ve gone for a quirky look. From the beachy backdrop, cool colour scheme to dentistry module–they’ve won the show through creative display only.
You can bet that visitors will be interested in a stall that goes beyond dull dentistry displays.

types of exhibition stand designs

It’s a Wrap

In a nutshell, you need to stop wasting time and money on displays that are showy pieces. The right way to do a trade show is to invest in customized exhibition stand designs. Your goal should be to align the exhibition stand designs features with your own brand.

The key is to find something that matches your brand aesthetics, image and personality in an engaging manner.

Are you searching for a customized exhibition stand design?


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