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Standing out and making your mark at a trade show or exhibition is never easy. After all, there are so many competitors out there and you have to outdo all of them. However, it is a great opportunity to showcase your products and services and capture the attention of your target market.
With tonnes of activities taking place all around, how do you attract visitors to YOUR exhibition stand?

If you think that just setting up your exhibition stand will do the trick, think again. If you have attended business expos and exhibitions, you must have noticed that there is a general theme that runs through these events. All the booths and exhibition stands look pretty much the same. There are endless rows of businesses trying their best to entice the attendees with their exhibition stands and other tactics.

What can you do to stand out from all these competitors?

To help you out, here are 5 tips that will attract visitors to your exhibition stand.

1. The Right Look and Feel

First things first, you must choose the right look and feel for representing your business at an exhibition or trade show. Going for the run of the mill design will not do you any good. Your exhibition stand must have the right look and feel that not only portrays your brand in the best light but also attracts people towards it.
Consider your exhibition stand as a shop window. It is a direct invitation to everyone to come in and see your business offerings. If you want to make the best of this chance, then a custom-built exhibition stand is a good choice. Many exhibition stand builders in Birmingham can help you create a bespoke design. You can add your branding elements to the design and stand out from your competitors.

2. Branding Is Important

Just setting up a bespoke exhibition stand and not branding it right will not do you any good. Visitors will only come to your exhibition stand if they find something identifiable there. If you have multiple products, display those logos and brands that you think the attendees are most familiar with. Think about your most popular and well-recognised product line and display it out front and centre to attract visitors. Once they come to your stand, you can then tell them about the other products/services you are marketing as well. Remember, the key is to get visitors to come to your stand and the rest depends on how well you communicate with them.


3. Contact Attendees

Get a full list of visitors and attendees before the event. You can ask the organisers to help you with this as they have a list of people who have registered for the trade show or exhibition. You can contact attendees using this list to create a buzz for your exhibition stand a couple of weeks before the event.
From sending personalised emails to signing them up for one-on-one meetings, this will help you get the attention you want. You can also send them an invitation to meet you and your team at the trade show. Follow up with them by sending a friendly email a couple of days before the show. Also, mention any specific activities, competitions and giveaways that you will be offering at your exhibition stand. This will encourage them to stop by.
Remember, exhibition stands that are filled with people attract more people. Thus, try to get as many visitors to your stand as you can by enticing excitement about your business stand.

4. Remember Your Regular Clients

Don’t just assume that you don’t have to work on your current clients. Everyone has limited time and they will only come to visit your stand if you give them a good reason to do so. One way to attract them is to offer valuable giveaways.
Don’t think about the usual key-rings and pens. Their bags will most probably already be full of these. You need to offer them something that lasts them longer than just pens, which by the way usually end up in bins right after the end of the show.
Think about something unique and worth-keeping, like reusable mugs and portable chargers. Since they are already your customers, you can also offer them a special existing-customer discount on your products/services. This will strengthen your relationship with them as they will feel valued.

5. Add a Relaxing Space

Exhibitions and trade shows can be overwhelming. There’s so much going on everywhere and the visitors come across hundreds of sales pitches and marketing messages. Another way to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand is to provide them with a place where they can relax.
This can be easily done by adding some relaxing seating to your exhibition area where the visitors can sit and relax for a bit. Your exhibition stand should also have a welcoming environment and should be easily accessible. You will notice more attendees and visitors coming to your exhibition booth if they find a space where they can take a break from all the hustle and bustle going on around them.
You can also offer drinks which give your team a chance to strike a conversation with the visitors.

The Final Word

Attracting visitors to your exhibition stand can be a challenging task. However, with the right measure and tactics, your exhibition stand can be the most-visited one at the exhibition. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and you will see how it works for you.

However, the first step to a successful exhibition is having a great exhibition stand. At Display Revolution, we offer custom-built exhibition stands that are made according to your specific needs. We are the top choice of businesses looking for exhibition stand builders in Birmingham. Get in touch with our team and together we can create stunning and highly attractive exhibition stands for your next business event or trade fair.

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