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Increasing globalization and enhancing markets have transformed the entire business world. Trade show and exhibitions are a spectacular way of marketing your business. They bring like-minded people together who share information and help create long-lasting relationships. However, they require significant time and money. When investing a considerable amount of money, you certainly want to ensure your exhibition stand fills its purpose effectively. Your exhibition stand should give you the best possible return on your investments.

If you want to make a great impression on your audience, you’ll need an attractive exhibition stand. Your exhibition stand should be enticing enough to create a long-lasting impression on your audience. If your exhibition stand isn’t working very well, there may be a few issues with it. Here are some reasons why your exhibition stand is probably not working.

1)   Lack of Goal-Setting

The key to creating a successful exhibition stand is setting a few goals and objectives. Before you participate in an exhibition, you need to decide the reason you’re setting up this stand and what you aim to achieve from it. Just because your competitors are participating in an exhibition is not a good enough reason for you to also take part in it. Make sure the exhibition goals are aligned with your business’ overall strategic goals.

2)   Lack of Proper Space

It doesn’t matter how great-looking your exhibition stand is, if it’s placed somewhere at the back, the audience won’t even notice it. Ensuring that you secure a great place at an exhibition is extremely necessary. You should analyze the place at the exhibition venue where you can get the most traffic flow.

You also have to analyze any factors of the venue that might affect the performance of your exhibition stand on the day of the event. If it’s too late and you end up getting stuck with an exhibition stand in a bad place, you’ll have to come up with innovative features that will enhance your presence at the event.

3)   Getting the Wrong Type of Stand

It’s been established that your exhibition stand should be appealing to the audience. You’ll have to choose the perfect stand for your event; if you don’t, your potential prospects might just walk past it. Your stand should not only be attractive but also informative— but in a subtle way. Too much information or too many words will just make the audience lose interest in your exhibition stand.

Your exhibition stand should reflect your brand image, which is why you should get the stand customized. There are tiny elements of the exhibition stand that should be paid attention to, in order to create an entire experience for your customers. If you want to make a significant impact and place your exhibition stand in the limelight then, you will have to ensure that your stand has the ‘wow’ factor coupled with a touch of your brand. This means that the stand should be designed around your business’s products and services. While many businesses might miss out on these small elements, it’s best to delegate this task to professionals like Display Revolution. They ensure that your stand not only works but is also a banging success.

4)   Investing in the Wrong Things

Many businesses invest in the wrong aspects of the stand. It’s important to maintain relevancy when adding extra features to your exhibition stand. If they don’t align with the original goals that you’ve set, then it’s just a waste of resources. Incorporating technology and other exciting features into your exhibition stand might just provide the return on investment that you so badly need.

Luckily, there are multitudes of options of tech and innovative ideas that will help in achieving your long-term goals. Instead of handing out bundles of chocolate to your audience, it will be more helpful for you to plan a bunch of activities for them. Let’s face it, in the former case, your audience will just stop by to grab chocolates, whereas, in the latter, they will spend more time at your stall and might just learn something interesting about your business.

5)   Disappointing Visitor Experience

While the layout and design of your stand are meant to attract potential customers and business partners, the visitor experience will make them stay. Your audience won’t pay attention to the text written in the pamphlets or placed on the banners. However, they will be interested and stay longer at your exhibition stand if you engage them in interesting conversations or fun activities.

Arrange for interactive technology, good lighting, and great sales agents. All these factors contribute to the entire customer experience. A ‘wow’ experience will ensure that your brand is not forgotten by the visitors after they leave your stall. A customized exhibition stand will help tailor customer experience.

6)   Participating In the Wrong Exhibition

Imagine that you’ve worked on and executed a brilliant stand with the perfect spot at the event and a spectacular customer experience – yet you have a limited footfall. While you might think you need to be very clumsy for something like this to happen, it’s actually possible. If you’ve only signed up for an exhibition because your competitors attend it, then well, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Choose an exhibition to participate in very smartly, ensuring that it aligns with your overall goals and strategic objectives.

The Bottom Line

While it’s important to have an aesthetically appealing exhibition stand, there are other factors that also play a role in the success of your participation. You’ll notice that your exhibition stand isn’t working by keeping a check on its footfall; the number of people who are visiting your stall. If you see that the audience notices your stall and walks past it, it means that your exhibition stand is not appealing enough or you aren’t offering them what they want. The bottom line is that if you notice these events transpiring, it means your exhibition stand isn’t working very well.


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