Exhibition stands at a trade show

Exhibitions are one of the greatest platforms that offer companies a multitude of opportunities. The main motive is to present your business in the best way possible. Your exhibition stand makes one of the biggest contributions to the success of your exhibition or trade show participation. Many factors affect the entire look of your stand. Each factor should be looked at and worked on very carefully.

One essential factor is lighting. While this might seem like a mediocre factor, you will be surprised to know that lighting plays an important role in transforming the entire look and feel of your stand. Whether your stand is in the dingiest corner or in a prime spot, lighting can make your stand stand out.

The choice of lighting will depend on your exhibit, the product or service you are marketing and trying to promote and the audience that visits you at the exhibit. For instance, if you are at a travel exhibit and are promoting the beauty of Maldives or other such islands, your exhibit needs to be lit in a soothing and inviting manner. If it is visually loud, annoyingly bright and brimming with neon colors, it is less likely to attract your target audience. If you have a stall or an exhibit related to places with a fun nightlife like Bangkok, using bright neon lights may help attract your target audience.

What Can Lighting Do?

Lighting serves many great purposes. It is used to highlight selective aspects of your stand, create a general atmospheric glow or even display individual products to make them look uber-appealing.

Lighting can greatly affect the way people interpret and interact with your business. It can create an entirely different mood or atmosphere and help you convey your brand message to your audience effectively.

Warm Lighting

Warm lighting creates a cozy and welcoming feel. Warm lighting comprises of orange lighting that gives the audience an inviting feel. Hence, the target audience stays at your stall longer.

Cold Lighting

Cold lighting tends to stimulate a lot of physical and mental activity. So, in case your stand involves serious games or is technical, then cold lighting will be the most suitable for your exhibition stand. For Math-related exhibits and for snow sports-based activities, opt for this lighting.

Bright White Lighting

Bright white lighting demonstrates professionalism and cleanliness. It makes the exhibit look clean and very professional.  For sober, serious exhibit topics, you can use bright white lights. They go very well with white floors and white exhibits and are also great for colored exhibits.

Neon and Colored Lighting

Neon or colored lights are meant to grab audience attention.  The bright lights attract people from afar. They are loud, bright and lively. If your exhibit is all about fun, flavors and thrill, neon lights will be your savior. They attract the youth for the most part. Older people are less likely to be attracted to things that are very bright and colorful.  You can even use neon colors to attract children.

In short, the type of lighting you incorporate in your exhibition stand will determine the impression you make on your audience.

Common Types of Lighting at an Exhibition Stand

A few types of lighting are popularly used at exhibitions. These include:

1)  Ambient Lighting
This helps create and evoke a specific feeling through enhancing the ambiance and atmosphere.

2) Task lighting
This refers to lighting up a certain part of your exhibit or certain products on display. This makes what you want to promote more prominent and helps in attracting only those customers that will lead to direct conversions.

3) Accent Lighting

This refers to highlighting and illuminating one aspect of your exhibit with the aim to attract audience attention to one specific area or product.

4) Decorative Lighting

The sole reason is to make the overall exhibit look appealing and pretty. This form of lighting is mostly used to attract more people in order to achieve a higher footfall rate. Decorative lighting may include a net of fairy lights, large colorful 2K lights outside the exhibit or even several small lamps, etc.


You probably won’t have the option to control the lighting levels or the direction of lights at your exhibit; however, that doesn’t mean you overlook or ignore lighting because it is a very essential part of all displays and exhibits. Your stand and stall layout, illustrations and products on display, brochures and leaflets, interactive screens and lighting must pull in participants and create a positive impression.

Numerous exhibitors simply don’t consider lighting as a basic plan component and don’t regard brilliantly lit up settings as important. Including additional light sources may feel over-done, but it is essential. With cautious use and well-planned arrangement, well-directed light sources really improve visuals and the overall experience of those visiting the booth or exhibit.

Featuring certain products or services through lighting will increase the chances of your guests remembering your services. Plus, with lighting, your prospects understand your message more quickly.

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