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The exhibition industry is continuously evolving, so there’s a constant need to introduce more innovative exhibition stand ideas and designs. The key to having an attractive stand isn’t just about adding as many elements as possible— it is also about adding relevant elements that can make your exhibition stand unique. Moreover, it’s important to not follow the herd and flush out cheap exhibition stand ideas that will only waste your time as well as your budget.

Even experienced exhibitors try to beat the competition by searching for more appealing and innovative ideas for exhibition stands to make a lasting impression. So, whether you’re a first-time exhibitor or a veteran, it’s important to learn how to attract the exhibition attendees to your stand with a compelling design. After all, the audience attending the tradeshow is looking to be stunned and amazed by innovation.

Wondering how to boost your exhibition stand design? To get you started, here are a few exhibition stand design ideas that will make your exhibition space more unique and attractive.

Use Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

If you’re planning on setting up an exhibition stand, remember that technology is your best friend. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two types of technology that you can use. These two are truly transforming the events of the world. Let’s bear in mind that virtual tradeshows or exhibitions aren’t going to replace the world’s real-life events anytime soon.

However, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are offering brands and companies an ingenious way of engaging with its potential customers. Even though it might be a little expensive to integrate VR and AR in the stand design, it will eventually give your business a huge return. They help capture and showcase your company’s products in action. They work better for some companies as compared to others such as automobile and transportation companies. In such instances, AR and VR can help in showcasing and demonstrating the efficiency of a vehicle without actually bringing it to your exhibition booth.

Technology will boost your exhibition stand design and also ensure a very memorable experience for your attendees. With AR and VR, you can expect the traffic at your exhibition booth to increase significantly.

Include Graphics and Images

While these might seem like minor elements, they’re very important for your exhibition stand design. They need to be very carefully incorporated into your exhibition design. Remember the old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?’ Well, it is still relevant today.

Nowadays, people have an extremely short attention span. Minimize the use of text on your exhibition stand—only use it for necessary information. Images and graphics tend to very eye-catching and compelling in comparison to any text that you might add to your exhibition stand. Images and graphics serve as a quick and highly-effective medium when it comes to communicating a complex and complicated message.

Be it text, graphics or images, placement matters greatly. Be careful of where you place images and make sure that they’re relevant. Also, check the size of the images to ensure that they’re big enough so that they are visible even from a distance and aren’t concealed. Life-sized images are particularly powerful at grasping audience attention and creating a strong impression. Also, ensure that you use images with bright colors as they are more compelling. You can use floor graphics or wall-hanging graphics for your exhibition design.

Add Lighting

Another element that many people overlook is the lighting. The lighting of your exhibition stand plays an extremely crucial role in its look and feel. The lighting of your exhibition stand enhances its aesthetic appeal and if incorporated effectively, it can help create a wonderful experience. The lighting you choose should depend on what you are showcasing. For instance, a company displaying new tech should incorporate recessed lighting in their stand to create a contemporary feel that coincides with the innovative and modern product.

As an exhibitor, you shouldn’t rely on the lighting that is offered by the venue. You should rather consider additional lighting that goes well with your exhibition stand. Spot lights and colored lights are rather impressive options to highlight and make some areas of your exhibition stand prominent. This especially applies when you want to showcase a new product.

A bonus tip may be to attract your audience to your exhibition stand subconsciously through angled light boxes.

Create a Meeting or Resting Area for Attendees

The layout of your exhibition stand requires a lot of planning and preparation. You want your exhibition booth to be a place where conversations take place. It’s preferable that you opt for a large area so that there’s enough space for multiple activities.

You should design a separate seating space for your customers. This way, you can conduct business meet-ups and let your attendees relax. By offering them space at your exhibition stand, you can have lengthy conversations with them, thus increasing their engagement with your brand. Plus, adding a meeting area for them is a great way of making them stay at your stand longer, which increases the chances of brand recall.

It’s up to you as an exhibitor to opt for a formal seating space or a casual lounge setting— go with whatever suits your brand image.


Use these tips in your exhibition stand design very creatively. Don’t forget to add your brand’s touch because that will help you stand out. The main objective of having an innovative and creative exhibition stand is to establish a great first impression that calls upon new prospects and helps generate sales for the business. Therefore, irrespective of the size of your stand, you should design it creatively.

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