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As easy as it may seem on the surface, participating in an exhibition and planning an exhibition stand can be pretty challenging. Participating in an exhibition entails an extensive number of elements and disciplines that have to be brought together for a successful event. From designing the stand to staffing it, and most importantly, marketing it – a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration.

With so many considerations on your plate, it’s highly likely that you might miss out on something integral. Hence, you need to be carefully and methodically prepared to participate in an exhibition.

So, here is an exhibition stand checklist to ensure that your event goes smoothly and turns out to be uber-successful.

Type of Exhibition Stand

The first task that you need to tick off your checklist is deciding on the type of exhibition stand that you want. The type of exhibition stand is determined by the nature of the event that you’re participating in.

You can use a shell scheme stand – a typical exhibition stand that is allotted to you when you book your space at the venue. You can also opt for a fully customized exhibition stand that will perfectly reflect the essence of your brand.

Stand Size and Location

Once you’ve decided on the type of exhibition stand that you want, you will have to decide on the size of the stand. This will mainly be determined by the space that is allotted to you by the event organizers. The size of the stand shouldn’t be smaller than or exceed the space given to you otherwise there can be many issues.

While deciding on the exhibition space, you should also take a look at the location of the space at the venue. If the space you’re being allotted is at the very back behind other stands, it can get difficult to gain visibility in front of your target audience. Also, if your allotted exhibition stand space is right in the front, make sure you utilize that spotlight as effectively as possible.

Exhibition Stand Lighting

While this may not seem like an important aspect when it comes to exhibition stands, it is extremely crucial. The lighting of your stand can make or break how your audience perceives your brand or business. A stand with good lighting will help grab your audience’s attention and bring them towards your products.

However, if you don’t pay much attention to this or even forget to add proper lighting to your exhibition stand, your entire effort for the event will go to waste. So, make sure that you try different types of lighting such as spotlights, LEDs, or even neon lighting to grab as much audience attention as possible.

Exhibition Stand Utilities

Apart from the obvious exhibition stand design factors, there are certain other aspects of the stand that also have to be taken into consideration. There are certain utilities that must be available at the stand for it to function effectively otherwise your participation in the event can be a big miss! Since you and your personnel will be at the stand all day, you will need to keep water (maybe even for your visitors). This can also be a good way to initiate a conversation with your potential target market.

Secondly, you will need electricity at your stand. There’s no doubt that indoor exhibitions have electricity but you yourself will have to make sure that no mishaps occur during the event. When it comes to outdoor exhibition events, the electricity aspect may be trickier. However, just make sure to coordinate with the event organizers in case of any mishaps.


Another super-important facility you should have at your exhibition stand is the internet. You will need the internet for playing promotional videos or putting live updates on your social media.  Additionally, you can urge your visitors to use your internet and follow your brand on their social media.

USB Sticks, Adaptors, Chargers, and Cables

These are a few super important and obvious facilitators that we forget to take along with us everywhere we go – even when we’re off for a vacation! So, make sure to add these to your exhibition stand checklist so that you don’t forget them.

You’ll require a USB for presentations or videos that you intend to play. Also, you’ll require chargers and adaptors for phones and laptops so that your laptop doesn’t switch off between presentations.

Furniture and Cutlery

These are a few obvious things you’ll require at your stand but they can just as easily be forgotten. You will have to arrange for some furniture for your stand such as chairs or a sofa. You can even place beans bags where your audience can come and relax when they’re tired.

This could be a great way for you to keep your target audience at your stand for longer and also strike up conversations with them regarding your brand or products. You can also place a carpet or floor covering if you feel like it supports your overall stand theme.

Don’t forget the catering for your exhibition stand. You don’t necessarily have to arrange for an entire three-course meal – a few tantalizing refreshments will do the trick. For water and the food, you will also need cutlery such as cups and plates. So, you can either bring it yourself or ask a caterer to arrange all of these items for you. Also, don’t forget to place a waste bin at your stand location to keep the area clean.


Even though the requirements and factors differ from one exhibition to another, the above checklist offers a solid framework that you can use to identify and accomplish some of the most integral activities at your event. Make sure to tick off every task that you’ve accomplished and try to keep on track.

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