Pop up displays at a trade show exhibition

Attending trade shows can help marketers gain exposure that’ll lead to increased brand awareness. Your competitors may have flashy booths or visual aid to entice the attendees, but you can still compete with them.

Wondering how?

Well, it only takes the right pop up displays to bring prospective clients running to your booth. You need to think strategically so that you can gain maximum ROI. Pop up promotional counters help to create a strong impression on your customers. Adding pop up displays to the booth makes you look grand and more invested in the whole process. It also makes you look more professional and instantly highlights your booth for attendees. There are several benefits of using pop up displays that’ll make your exhibit worth remembering for the attendees. So let’s see how pop up displays can make your customized exhibition stands look more exciting!

·       Portable

When it comes to choosing promotional resources, it’s important to gauge their capabilities. Before you can use pop up displays to reel in prospective customers, you need to get it to the venue first. Traditional marketing displays were very difficult to carry. Pop up displays, on the other hand, are extremely portable and easy to carry. They are also very easy to store and the flexible materials used for the body ensure long-lasting quality.

·       Reusable

It’s understood that you’d want to use your pop up displays every chance you get. Be it at trade shows or exhibitions, you’d prefer to use these resources for maximum value. If you have a tight budget, you’re unlikely to go for single-use tools. Be it pop up promotional counters or displays, you can tweak them to reflect the theme of each event. You can use them again and again while adjusting them to match the event settings. The best part is that if you opt for high-quality tools, to begin with, you may be able to use them for years. This factor is enough to entice people to invest in pop up displays.

·       Versatile

Pop up displays are versatile and can be customized to a T. This benefit is enough to convince you of their importance for your customized exhibition stands. You can customize them to your liking, so they fulfill the needs of your business. The various sizes and styles available offer solutions to serve your specific purpose. You can opt for free-standing pop up displays or go for tabletop pop up displays, whatever suits your trade show needs.

You can even add other resources to complement the pop up displays. Media walls and backlit panels are some technologically advanced promotional resources that can enhance your pop up displays. These features intrigue the attendees, ensuring heavy traffic at your booth the whole time.

·       Require Little Space

At an exhibition stand, you have very limited space. The more space you need, the more money you will have to spend. To maximise space, you will have to make sure that your promotional mediums don’t take up most of the area. This is where pop up displays come in. They are narrow and high and don’t require too much space.

A standard exhibition stand measures 10×10 feet. If you have opted for such a stand, you can just prop up some pop up displays around the booth and make full use of the space. Or, you can put up pop up banners over your booth when you run out of floor space.  This way, your banners will be visible to your audience from afar as well.

It’s important to note that the placement of the pop up display adds a unique element to your customised exhibition stands. So always make sure that your display is placed in such a way that it is visible and clear from even a distance.

·       Cost-Effective

The cost of pop up displays varies, but they don’t cost much average. Once again, your expenses will depend on your budget. It’s not difficult to find something that fits your budget, even if it’s small. It may take time to find the right resources, but rest assured that you eventually will. Pop up displays can make your trade show space pop without putting a dent in your wallet, and that’s an accomplishment on its own.

·       Easy to Assemble

Pop up signs are easy to assemble and the simple process means that you can set up your pop up promotional counters within minutes. They come with standard frames and all you need to do is attach the included parts. Depending on the size of the display, you can even do the job on your own, without anyone’s help. With pop up advertising displays, you stand to save not only your time but also money. So it’s fair to say that this advertising tool can help you ace your trade show game.


This list of benefits should be enough to convince you of the importance of pop up displays. Be it about promoting your business or raising awareness for a cause, pop up displays are a great way to convey your message. You can use them at trade shows, events, and exhibitions as setting them up requires minimum effort. They offer promotional opportunities, even to people who are working on a low budget and their charm and convenience will eventually lead you to success and make you shine.

With pop up promotional counters and displays, you can make sure your customised exhibition stands are under the spotlight throughout the trade show. As for marketers who want to buy or rent exhibition stands, they can visit the Display Revolution for some great options. The team of experts can help make your trade show successful. Just browse through the ‘Display Easy’ rental packages and get your business a cost-effective marketing solution!

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