Custom Built Exhibition Stand

Searching for ways to market your brand? There’s a traditional yet uber-effective way to do so – exhibitions. The exhibition industry might be complex, but once you set your foot in, you won’t be able to go back!

Exhibition booths are the first thing your attendees notice when they set foot at the venue. Therefore, a substantial aspect of preparing for an exhibition is paying attention to your exhibition stand design.
Ensuring that your exhibition stand stands out from the rest of the crowd is perhaps the best way to attract show attendees towards your brand.

Even though designing an exhibition stand demands considerable effort, there are basic templates that serve as a canvas for designers to display their creativity.

Here are a few types of exhibition stand designs that are commonly used in the exhibition industry by businesses.

1. Modular Exhibition Stands

Made of aluminium, they are basic exhibition stands that you can customize according to your style and preference. You can spice them up by incorporating a variety of creative elements such as fabric, foamex and even printed graphics.
You can modify these simple stands by adding your favourite elements that suit your business needs. Exhibition graphics can easily be transformed and applied to your booth framework. The modular design means that the stand can be broken down into smaller components. These components can be packed into compact bundles and transported easily, making these stands super-convenient and manageable.

2. Customized Exhibition Stands

If you’re looking for a highly personalized exhibition stand for your business, you can get a stand customized. Custom-made exhibition stands can either be designed for a one-off event or for multiple events. There are many stand designers that offer you the luxury to rent or buy customized exhibition stands.
A customized stand is tailored meticulously to suit the exhibition needs and requirements of your business. From choosing the design to adding additional elements including graphics, lighting, technology, etc., everything is up to you.
They are designed for maximum impact and are the best way to represent your brand to the audience. Customized exhibition stands are based on a particular theme and usually incorporate elements and colours that provide a picture of your business. However, it can be pretty tricky to make any modifications to these stands to participate in future events.

3. Pop-Up Exhibition Stands

Pop-up exhibition stands are generally popular for small businesses participating in pop-up shows or events. These stands are super-compact and are tailored mainly for small exhibition spaces. They are extremely convenient as they can be transported and set up by the exhibiting staff with minimal effort.
To expand the overall exhibition stand framework, you can instantly incorporate magnetic exhibition graphics. Pop-up exhibition stands are generally meant to be used within shell-scheme spaces, making them considerably budget-friendly.
Pop-up exhibition stands are also known for their durability. Despite being dismantled and re-mounted multiple times, the surface of these stands is completely scratch-resistant. Moreover, storing pop-up stands is a piece of cake. You can dismantle them and store them in a car trunk, cupboard or closet. This reduces storage costs significantly.

4. Row Exhibition Stands

Row exhibition stands are one of the most popular exhibition stands within the exhibition industry. These stands are generally adjoined on three sides with neighbouring stands. The front portion of the stand, known as the wall stand, faces the hall, allowing you to interact with your customers and prospects.
Row exhibition stands are opened to all sorts of furnishing and accessories including roll-up banners. You can incorporate a loose wall, floor coverings and even seats. These exhibition stands have proven to be uber-economical while providing a highly efficient solution, especially if you don’t regularly participate in trade shows and exhibitions.
The biggest drawback of opting for row exhibition stands is that it gets pretty difficult to attract the attention of the customers. Set in a row, all the stands appear the same. Therefore, you’ll have to put in more effort to stand out from the crowd.

5. Banner Stands

If you’re searching for movable displays, then banner stands should be your go-to option! These are a definite way to turn heads, making them a fantastic, eye-catching option for you. As the name suggests, banner stands are designed in a way that they are able to hold banners in an erect position. They also ensure that your banners don’t fall over with any minute pushes.
Banner stands are great for outdoor exhibitions as they hold your banners in place, regardless of the wind pressure. You can decorate these stands by designing some super-cool motor or roll-up banners and incorporating a ton of graphics and images. Moreover, their design makes them very practical and convenient to move around.

6. Island Stands

Island stands are perhaps, the best stands when it comes to audience engagement, but they are extremely expensive to design. However, with the most eye-catching appearance and design, the cost of these stands is completely justified.
Open on all four sides, Islands stands don’t have a single wall. This offers a spectacular opportunity for businesses to interact and engage with their customers from all four sides! By dividing and assigning a portion of the stand to your sales staff, this exhibition stand can generate extensive sales leads for your business.
Islands stands are very attractive and offer high-visibility to your business, especially if you incorporate banners and billboards. However, these stands typically require an ample amount of space.


Your exhibition stand plays a pivotal role in creating a successful exhibition experience. Impressive and well-designed exhibition stands can take your business a long way. With the variety of exhibition stand design options available, you can choose one that suits your business needs the best.

If you’re looking to rent or buy customized exhibition stands for a great exhibition, you can visit our website.

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