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Exhibitions and trade shows are a traditional yet super-effective form of marketing a brand. Even though partaking in exhibitions is something almost all businesses should do, most of them choose not to. Due to the  costs incurred during exhibitions, many companies tend to take the back seat and miss out on a world of opportunities.

Participating in exhibitions has a variety of benefits and opportunities for businesses that are eager to explore them. By adopting an appropriate strategy and approach, your exhibition can be the place where you generate lucrative leads.

How do Businesses Generate Leads at Exhibitions?

Exhibitions and trade shows are based on a certain theme. Businesses from the same industry gather at a single place to show the audience everything they have to offer. These highly-focused events only attract those who are keenly interested in that specific industry and the benefits (products and services) it has to offer. Hence, such events present businesses with the opportunity to come face-to-face with individuals who are not only interested in their offerings but also have the purchasing power to acquire them.

Since so many prospects are gathered in a single place, it is but obvious that businesses can generate a ton of sales leads. But with so many competitors in a single place, how can businesses attract customers to their stand?

Here are a few ways through which you can generate leads at your next exhibition and attract potential customers:

1. Set Goals and Targets

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced exhibitor, your exhibition presence shouldn’t be treated as an exploratory opportunity. Every business has certain goals and objectives that provide them guidance throughout their journey. Exhibitions enable you to get a step or two closer to those goals!
Remember the S.M.A.R.T approach when setting goals; for instance, one goal could be to talk to X number of potential clients. By setting a specific goal, you will feel more determined and be able to determine whether it was worth participating in the exhibition. With extensive planning and research, your objectives will be realistic and achievable.

2. Have a Lead Generation Plan

The key to successfully achieving any goals and objectives is to develop an iron-clad plan. Many businesses fail to devote sufficient time and energy towards their exhibition presence. Little do they know, it is one of the best lead generating opportunities out there. They often show up completely unprepared, which leads to an unsuccessful event.
Developing a well-thought-out plan which includes hiring the right staff, creating an attractive and eye-catching stand, designing brochures, leaflets, etc., will help you remain organized and on-track before and during the exhibition. It also ensures that your business will be a smashing success at the trade show!

3. Make Your Booth Stand Out

Leads will only be successfully generated if your prospects and customers visit your exhibition stand. The best way to attract them is through your exhibition stand design. The first thing attendees spot when they enter the exhibition venue is the exhibition stands.
Event halls are often stuffed with a variety of booths with the same goal – grabbing the attention of the attendees. You can attract attendees by making your exhibition stand design stand out from the rest of the crowd. Creating a customized exhibition stand that represents your brand can help in this regard. Moreover, you can consider hiring professionals to help you create a unique and captivating exhibition booth.
Once you’ve managed to attract the attendees with your stand design, you can persuade them to opt for your brand’s unique offerings, hence generating leads.

4. Pay Attention to Product Placement

The overall appearance of your stand is vital for successful participation, but you will only be able to generate leads if the attendees are interested in your brand’s offerings. While a captivating presentation is sufficient to grab someone’s attention, only a valuable offering will convince them to make a purchase.
The placement of your products is pivotal for generating leads. They are supposed to be the focal point of your booth so you should typically place them in the front and the middle of the booth. Your products will give your prospects an idea about what you’re offering and how they can benefit from it.
Another great way to generate sales leads is to offer product demonstrations and samples to those prospects who display more interest.

5. Incorporate Call-To-Action Elements

The design of your exhibition stand and various marketing tactics will assist your brand in generating leads in more ways than one. This is only effective if you closely pay attention to your attendees during the show. A great way to help you generate more leads is including call-to-action (CTA) elements in your exhibition stand design.
You can set up an interactive screen or an electronic touch-pad where attendees can be asked to fill out surveys and their contact information. You can also opt for installing vending machines where instead of money, you can ask your stall visitors for their visiting cards. This way, you can generate more leads.

6. Train Your Sales Team

Even with the best exhibition design and great products, businesses fail to generate leads at exhibitions because of their sloppy sales team. If you want to generate successful leads, you will have to train your sales staff to be more proactive and intuitive. This will ensure that your potential clients turn into long term customers.
Providing your sales staff with extensive training before the event will help you generate a huge amount of sales leads. You will have to teach them how to differentiate between potential leads and window shoppers. This will save a lot of time and resources for your business. You also need to teach them how to start engaging conversations with potential customers so that they stay at the stand for a longer period of time.

You can start generating sales leads by creating an innovative and attractive customized exhibition stand. If you’re looking for a great designing team to create a gorgeous stand for you, visit Display Revolution. We have a variety of exhibition stands that you can choose from according to your business needs.

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