Trade shows and exhibitions serve as one of the greatest platforms for marketing your business or brand. There are many factors that determine the success of your trade show participation, including your stand design, lighting and sales staff. Most importantly, the number of visitors and sales leads generated help measure the success of your stand.

It’s crucial to remember that your trade show participation is pointless if you don’t try to create a lasting impression on your event attendees. Apart from the stand design, it’s pivotal to create an experience that your booth visitors remember and reminisce about.

Here are a few popular ways to keep your event attendees engaged and interested.

1.     Create an Attractive Trade show Display

Building an attractive trade show display is the key to attracting more visitors to your business. An engaging stand design will make them highly interested in your products and other offerings. Even if you choose to set up a basic modular trade show booth, ensure that it is distinctively clear and accessible. An open and inviting area increases the likelihood of the audience to engage and interact with you.

If you’re showcasing products, make sure that you present them in highlighted and easily accessible areas of your stand. In case you have a wide range of products, organizing them into categories can be particularly helpful. You can incorporate floor graphics and other directional signage to lead to your customers to certain products and places, ensuring that they remain interested and engaged. Your exhibition stand layout plays a considerable role in encouraging more visitor interaction by building their curiosity and removing barriers of accessibility.

2.     Keep It Interactive

Your exhibition stand design attracts attendees and keeps them engaged by providing them directions to important areas. However, once the attendee reaches your intended place, how do you plan on keeping them engaged? Well, for starters, when designing an attractive trade show stand, make sure that you add interactive elements to it.

You can start by planning out some interesting games that your attendees can play. Games and activities such as spin the wheel or a lucky draw that offer a tiny reward will surely keep your stall attendees on their toes.

Moreover, you can incorporate interactive exhibition technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) in your stand design. This technology can be used for your benefit as it will not only keep your audience entertained, but it will also provide them with information about your brand and its offerings.

Furthermore, you can offer your stand visitors product prototypes, samples and even demonstrations. By adding various entertaining and interactive elements, you ensure that your booth stands out from your competitors, creating a lasting impression on your audience.

3.     Hire the Best Staff for Your Stand

You can create the most attractive trade show display and add the best interactive elements, but if the representatives of your booth aren’t cooperative, all your efforts could go to waste. Trade show attendees expect to interact and communicate with industry professionals; hence, the staff of your booth should focus on looking for opportunities to communicate with them as much as possible.

Make sure that you hire the correct staff and provide them with the required training before your big event. Enlighten your staff about the different kinds of informative yet entertaining approaches they can adopt rather than a boring persuasive sales pitch. Your staff should establish two-way communication with the attendees as this is a great way to find out their likes and dislikes.

By attempting to create a personable bond with attendees, your sales staff can influence them greatly. For example, if the attendees are wearing name tags, they can be addressed by their names to build a deeper bond. Make sure that your booth staff seizes every opportunity it gets to strike a conversation with visitors even if it’s off-topic as it helps create a relationship.

4.     Give Out Marketing Materials

It should go without saying that your brand should be easily recognizable by your trade show display. In addition to your display, offering attendees marketing materials is extremely important. If an attendee walks away from your booth without something in their hand, there’s a good chance it will be a forgotten experience. That’s why you need to hand them a business card or a brochure with contact information so that they remember you. Memorable marketing materials creatively capture the essence of your business in a unique manner.

Getting the attendee’s contact information is just as important as giving them marketing materials. The more contact information you can gain from attendees, the stronger your follow-up campaign will be.

5.     Add a Social Media Wall Display

In this era of digital media, adding a social media wall display to your exhibition booth is a great idea! This offers attendees the opportunity to share their experience at your exhibition booth in addition to interacting with your brand on social media platforms. A creative social media wall should allow visitors to put their names up as this will give your brand a chance for free social media marketing.

Moreover, you will have to come up with appropriate hashtags that represent your brand and the event you are partaking in. You can ask attendees to put up a status along with the hashtags in exchange for their names on the board. This will not only serve as an interactive experience for them, but it will also be a great marketing platform for your business.


Trade shows and exhibitions are a great marketing platform for your business. They present you with the opportunity to directly interact and communicate with like-minded individuals who are interested in the offerings of your industry. Your trade show participation can be a smashing success if you manage to capture the attention of your audience and engage them to create a lasting impression.

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When participating in an exhibition or trade show, your main goal is to create an exhibition display that stands out from your competitors and attracts as many visitors as possible. If you have an exhibition stand that resembles your competitor’s stand, not only will you blend in with the crowd but your audience also won’t be inclined to pay your stand a visit.

Whether you are a regular or a one-time exhibitor, creating an attractive exhibition stand design will ultimately influence the success of your trade show.

If you’re wondering how you can improve and enhance your exhibition stand design, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

1.     Maximize Stand Visibility

Trade shows and exhibitions have hundreds of businesses belonging to the same industry, doing the same thing. This serves as a motivation to your company to standout from the crowd. Since a trade show floor is mostly all cramped up, it can be easy for attendees to miss out on your stand altogether; this is where an attractive booth sets in to grab the attention of visitors.

In order to maximise your stand visibility, you need to pay considerable attention to a few stand elements of your booth including the colour scheme, lighting and marketing banners.

Colour Scheme

A plain and boring booth will never grab visitors’ attention! A great colour scheme, on the other hand, helps your exhibition stand pop by enhancing its visibility. Moreover, incorporating a colour scheme that reflects the theme of your business logo can be great for branding. Additionally, even though bright colours are recommended, going overboard with them can be detrimental to your overall exhibition stand appearance.


Lighting is an underrated yet uber-important element of your exhibition stand that influences the entire look and feel of your booth. When used effectively, lighting enhances your exhibition stand design, drawing maximum attention. There are many lighting options including colourful and simple LED lights that can be used to illuminate your booth and increase your visibility.


Banners serve as a great marketing tool that can instantly grab attention by enhancing the design and visibility of your stand. Well-designed banners have minimal but important text, a brand logo, a tagline and some super-attractive graphics and images. When placed above your booth, banners enhance your stand design and can be spotted from across the room.

2.     Use Stand Space Efficiently

You don’t need to have a lot of space to create an impact and grab the attention of your attendees. Your exhibition stand design can be enhanced by using the available space effectively and efficiently. If you are provided with massive space, leaving lots of empty and wasted room can be disastrous to your brand image. The emptiness of your stand is more likely to draw audience attention and not in a positive way.

Moreover, adding too many elements within a small space can make it appear crowded and cluttered, which will push away visitors rather than pulling them in. However, regardless of the space you are assigned, make sure you make the most of it by highlighting your products and services, displaying important information and also providing your visitors with ample space to stand and interact with you.

You exhibition stand design should have a defined and easy-to-navigate flow. This will provide your visitors with clear guidance to move around and visit integral areas of the stand.

3.     Use Graphics and Images

Another great way to enhance your exhibition stand design is by incorporating eye-catching graphics and images. While it is crucial to include text in some parts, bombarding your trade show display with too much text can throw off visitors rather than attract them. On the other hand, graphics and images serve as an attention-grabbing medium that communicates important information to attendees in a fun way.

Considering the short attention span of people these days, interesting visuals are a crucial element that should definitely be included in your stand design. Placing pop-up display banners above the exhibition stand can be a great touch to enhance the appearance of your stand while delivering integral information to the audience.

4.     Incorporate Technology

Our world is currently operating on technology. It has invaded almost all spheres of human life, including exhibitions and trade shows. By incorporating technology, you can dramatically enhance the outlook of your exhibition stand while using it to meet your objectives. You don’t need to include extremely expensive and complex technology to attract people; simple and easy-to-use additions will suffice.

You can place something as simple as flat screens around your exhibition stand, displaying videos, pictures and important messages that you intend to deliver to your attendees. By creating attractive yet informative videos and other visual content, you will intrigue your audience and keep them interested. Another great invention is digital signage. Rather than using traditional banners and posters, you can opt for digital signage by displaying engaging content that reflects your brand ideas.

If you are looking to incorporate more advanced technologies, you can incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to engage your stand visitors. While they might be a little expensive, they also serve as highly effective marketing tools.

Moreover, at your exhibition stand, you can implement mobile technology. Since almost everyone has a smart-phone, you can reap benefits from this by making your visitors scan QR codes. These QR codes are typically linked to specific content that is linked to systems that make your exhibition stand an interactive place for visitors. Introducing up-to-date technology at your exhibition stand will not only enhance it, but it will also leave an extremely positive impression on the trade show attendees.

The bottom line is that enhancing your exhibition stand requires significant time, effort and resources but once you create an attractive exhibition stand, you can reap some amazing benefits!

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Exhibitions and trade shows present business owners with the incredible opportunity of showcasing their offerings to the general public. However, the biggest issue that businesses face when participating in such massive trade shows is the competition. Many other similar companies operating in the same or similar industry are also present with their offerings. So, if your exhibition display doesn’t stand out from the rest and catch customers’ attention, your participation will go to waste.

Attendees at a trade show typically consume a couple of seconds to decide whether or not they want to visit an exhibition stand. This gives you only a few seconds to make an incredible impact on your audience, convincing them to visit your stand.  So, a great way to make your stand appealing to the trade show attendees is by using some well-designed and eye-catching graphics that’ll help draw your audience in.

Visuals are extremely important for you as an exhibitor as we heavily rely on them to make judgements. Hence, the aesthetics of your stand, including your graphics, can make or break the impression your brand aims to make on its audience.

If you’re not a graphic designer yourself, it might be a little difficult for you to design outstanding graphics for your exhibition stand. However, here are a few tips to help get you started on designing effective and eye-catching graphics for your exhibition stand.

Conduct Much-Needed Research

Graphics make your exhibition display stand out and are all about creating a long-lasting impression on your audience. Exhibitors tend to create an impact by tailoring the graphics to suit their needs and reflect their brand personality, giving their exhibition stand a unique look and feel. Research will help you ensure that your graphic ideas don’t clash with the rest of your competitors’ ideas and are eye-catching. Moreover, you will also get the chance to go over some well-designed graphics online. This will give you an idea about what your graphics should look like. Just remember not to copy someone else’s idea as that will beat the actual purpose— i.e., standing out.

Use Colour to Influence Moods

Did you know that colours can play a huge role in affecting the mood of your exhibition stand visitors? Colours can change how your audience perceives your graphics. Colours can be used to hint at subtle messages about your brand’s objective to the audience and can evoke physiological responses that can work in your favour.

Different colours evoke different emotions. For instance, yellow is a bright and eye-catching colour, which is considered as uplifting while blue, which is mostly associated with the sky or sea, is thought to have a soothing and calming effect.

The use of these colours in your exhibition stand graphics work as an indicator for your audience, allowing them to know what your brand is about. For example, incorporating the colour blue in your graphics represents trustworthiness while orange indicates happiness and cheeriness. To conclude, when designing your exhibition stand graphics, make sure that you select and use colours very carefully.

Always Use High Quality Images

The key rule of designing graphics is – whatever you use, make sure it’s top-notch. This naturally includes pictures and images. Before incorporating any images in the graphics of your exhibition stand, make sure that you view them in full scale. Moreover, you need to ensure that the images you use are sharp even when they are in full scale.

In fact, it is better to not use any images than to use low-quality ones. Distorted or pixilated images can completely ruin the appearance of your graphics. So, to avoid any mishaps, it’s best to use high-resolution and sharp images for your graphics.

Conduct a Spell Check

Graphics include text and images. While the text isn’t usually necessary, it still goes without saying that there’s no room for mistakes! Regardless of how brief or short the text of your graphics might be, mistakes can occur. Moreover, since you have been working on the artwork for a while, you might be blind to those mistakes. Before you decide to finalize the design, you might want to run a spell check or consult a colleague. A fresh pair of eyes might just be what you need to help you keep your graphic text free of mistakes and grammatical errors!

Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

Exhibition stand graphics serve three main objectives– they attract the audience, they reflect your brand identity and inform your audience about your offerings. Any element of your graphic design that doesn’t serve the aforementioned purposes should be eliminated from the design completely.

Images and other elements should not be added to your graphic design for the sake of it. If they don’t represent your brand image or help your brand identity, they will just end up deterring your audience from comprehending the main message. The concept of ‘the simpler, the better’ applies to this. It isn’t mandatory to add a ton of elements to make your graphics more appealing; sometimes, keeping it simpler can be a statement in itself.

Be Bold

In order to stand out from your competitors, you need to create a statement with your graphics. This includes keeping text to a minimum and using smaller, more impactful images rather than massive ones. However, you need to ensure the sizes of your graphics are big enough to be spotted by your audience from afar. Patterns and bold colours aren’t exactly considered to be ‘business-like.’ However, they can make your business appear out-of-the-box, making it super-attractive for the audience.


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