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Exhibitions and trade shows present business owners with the incredible opportunity of showcasing their offerings to the general public. However, the biggest issue that businesses face when participating in such massive trade shows is the competition. Many other similar companies operating in the same or similar industry are also present with their offerings. So, if your exhibition display doesn’t stand out from the rest and catch customers’ attention, your participation will go to waste.

Attendees at a trade show typically consume a couple of seconds to decide whether or not they want to visit an exhibition stand. This gives you only a few seconds to make an incredible impact on your audience, convincing them to visit your stand.  So, a great way to make your stand appealing to the trade show attendees is by using some well-designed and eye-catching graphics that’ll help draw your audience in.

Visuals are extremely important for you as an exhibitor as we heavily rely on them to make judgements. Hence, the aesthetics of your stand, including your graphics, can make or break the impression your brand aims to make on its audience.

If you’re not a graphic designer yourself, it might be a little difficult for you to design outstanding graphics for your exhibition stand. However, here are a few tips to help get you started on designing effective and eye-catching graphics for your exhibition stand.

Conduct Much-Needed Research

Graphics make your exhibition display stand out and are all about creating a long-lasting impression on your audience. Exhibitors tend to create an impact by tailoring the graphics to suit their needs and reflect their brand personality, giving their exhibition stand a unique look and feel. Research will help you ensure that your graphic ideas don’t clash with the rest of your competitors’ ideas and are eye-catching. Moreover, you will also get the chance to go over some well-designed graphics online. This will give you an idea about what your graphics should look like. Just remember not to copy someone else’s idea as that will beat the actual purpose— i.e., standing out.

Use Colour to Influence Moods

Did you know that colours can play a huge role in affecting the mood of your exhibition stand visitors? Colours can change how your audience perceives your graphics. Colours can be used to hint at subtle messages about your brand’s objective to the audience and can evoke physiological responses that can work in your favour.

Different colours evoke different emotions. For instance, yellow is a bright and eye-catching colour, which is considered as uplifting while blue, which is mostly associated with the sky or sea, is thought to have a soothing and calming effect.

The use of these colours in your exhibition stand graphics work as an indicator for your audience, allowing them to know what your brand is about. For example, incorporating the colour blue in your graphics represents trustworthiness while orange indicates happiness and cheeriness. To conclude, when designing your exhibition stand graphics, make sure that you select and use colours very carefully.

Always Use High Quality Images

The key rule of designing graphics is – whatever you use, make sure it’s top-notch. This naturally includes pictures and images. Before incorporating any images in the graphics of your exhibition stand, make sure that you view them in full scale. Moreover, you need to ensure that the images you use are sharp even when they are in full scale.

In fact, it is better to not use any images than to use low-quality ones. Distorted or pixilated images can completely ruin the appearance of your graphics. So, to avoid any mishaps, it’s best to use high-resolution and sharp images for your graphics.

Conduct a Spell Check

Graphics include text and images. While the text isn’t usually necessary, it still goes without saying that there’s no room for mistakes! Regardless of how brief or short the text of your graphics might be, mistakes can occur. Moreover, since you have been working on the artwork for a while, you might be blind to those mistakes. Before you decide to finalize the design, you might want to run a spell check or consult a colleague. A fresh pair of eyes might just be what you need to help you keep your graphic text free of mistakes and grammatical errors!

Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

Exhibition stand graphics serve three main objectives– they attract the audience, they reflect your brand identity and inform your audience about your offerings. Any element of your graphic design that doesn’t serve the aforementioned purposes should be eliminated from the design completely.

Images and other elements should not be added to your graphic design for the sake of it. If they don’t represent your brand image or help your brand identity, they will just end up deterring your audience from comprehending the main message. The concept of ‘the simpler, the better’ applies to this. It isn’t mandatory to add a ton of elements to make your graphics more appealing; sometimes, keeping it simpler can be a statement in itself.

Be Bold

In order to stand out from your competitors, you need to create a statement with your graphics. This includes keeping text to a minimum and using smaller, more impactful images rather than massive ones. However, you need to ensure the sizes of your graphics are big enough to be spotted by your audience from afar. Patterns and bold colours aren’t exactly considered to be ‘business-like.’ However, they can make your business appear out-of-the-box, making it super-attractive for the audience.


If you’re looking to incorporate some incredible graphics in your exhibition stand for your next trade show, get in touch with Display Revolution now! We offer creative graphic design and print services and can deliver exactly what you are looking for.



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