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Exhibitions and trade shows are a great way to create awareness amongst your audience. They offer businesses the opportunity to establish and build a unique and personalized relationship with their potential customers. While engaging your customers through digital marketing is important, it doesn’t quite help seal the deal like face-to-face interaction and demonstrations.

Moreover, it is important to consider that participating in an exhibition can be pretty costly. However, a good response from your audience will be worth the resources you invest. If you are presented with the opportunity to participate in an exhibition, you need to make the most out of your experience to gain maximum benefits.

Here are a few ways through which you can make the most out of your exhibition experience.

Choose the Right Tradeshow to Participate in

The only way you can make the most out of your exhibition experience is if you participate in the correct one. This requires intensive research as you want to find an exhibition or trade show that will help you achieve as many of your goals as possible. Apart from research, you can also consult with your suppliers and existing customers for their opinions and suggestions.

If you are preparing to participate in next year’s tradeshow, you can visit an on-going one to know what the event will be like. Not only will this give you an idea about the audience, but it will also give you the opportunity to consult current exhibitors about their experience.

Prepare Your Marketing Materials

The purpose of participating in an exhibition is not only interacting with your audience but also ensuring that they remember you long after they leave the exhibition venue. You need to find ways to familiarize your audience and potential customers with your brand name and its offerings. A good way to reinforce your brand is through marketing materials.

Traditional marketing materials such as banners, pamphlets, brochures and leaflets can be kept at your exhibition stand. When you are designing these materials, make sure they stand out and have appropriate content and most importantly, your contact information. You will also need to print a lot of business cards that you can distribute so it is easier for your customers to contact you.

Prepare Your Sales and Marketing Team

What good will your exhibition participation be if you don’t have a good sales and marketing team? Exhibitions can be strenuous, which is why you can’t be out there on your own and expect exceptional results. Moreover, your sales and marketing team probably have the required skills and expertise to woo the audience and generate more leads.

However, one important thing you need to consider is their training. While your staff may be good at what they do, it wouldn’t hurt to train them and polish their skills once in a while. Make sure that you plan well in advance and decide on the staff members you would like to take so that you can train them accordingly.

Promote Your Event

You will have to start promoting and marketing your participation well before the event. This way, you will let your existing customers know about your participation and encourage them to join in. You can promote the event by exclusively promoting it on your website or social media accounts. Moreover, you can also send out a press release or PR package to all important people, inviting them to join in on the event fun.

Set Up the Best Display

You won’t be able to make the most of your experience if you fail to attract your audience to your stand. This means you need to have the best exhibition display out there! You can determine the look and feel of your display to make your visitors feel a certain way. Adding a personalized and customized touch could be a good addition to your stand as it will help build your brand image.

If you don’t want to invest your financial resources in buying one, you always have the option to rent an exhibition stand.  Moreover, make sure that your stand design is simple yet alluring and eye-catching. You can also use various elements of your exhibition stand such as lighting to draw attention to certain important aspects like your products.

Give Your Visitors a Warm Welcome

Exhibitions are exhausting for you as well as your audience. If you want to make a lasting impression on your visitors, you should greet them with a warm welcome and maybe offer them a beverage. This will help you break the ice and if your visitor isn’t interested in your stand, you can turn this around! Moreover, offering your potential customers snacks and beverages is seen as an incredibly warm gesture.

Always remain calm and avoid grumbling or arguing with your staff in front of customers. Plus, even though your face might hurt, it is still important to plaster a smile across your face throughout the event.

Make Conversation and Engage Your Visitors

A warm welcome serves as a good head start for indulging your audience in a conversation. Marketing isn’t about persuading your audience but encouraging them in subtle ways to consider your offerings. You can research some intriguing icebreakers to help you strike an engaging conversation with your visitors. Whatever strategy you use to start a conversation, ensure that you don’t stray away from your main goal – generating leads.

Follow-up with Your Audience

If you don’t follow-up with your audience after the event, how else will you know if you’ve done a good job? The best time to receive feedback from your visitors is immediately after the event! You can start by sending out emails or text messages to your audience. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make a sale!

If you’re looking to buy or rent an exhibition stand for your next trade show, get in touch with Display Revolution now! We offer a variety of great services that you will surely love!


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