People mingling at an exhibition

5 Ways to Engage Your Event Attendees

Trade shows and exhibitions serve as one of the greatest platforms for marketing your business or brand. There are many factors that determine the success of your trade show participation, including your stand design, lighting and sales staff. Most importantly, the number of visitors and sales leads generated help measure
Exhibition Stand Design

4 Ways to Enhance Your Exhibition Stand

When participating in an exhibition or trade show, your main goal is to create an exhibition display that stands out from your competitors and attracts as many visitors as possible. If you have an exhibition stand that resembles your competitor’s stand, not only will you blend in with the crowd
A girl thinking about graphics

Designing Effective Graphics for Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions and trade shows present business owners with the incredible opportunity of showcasing their offerings to the general public. However, the biggest issue that businesses face when participating in such massive trade shows is the competition. Many other similar companies operating in the same or similar industry are also present
Yellow and Grey exhibition stand

How to Boost Your Exhibition Space

Every exhibitor has one important question on their mind, “how do I stand out from my competitors?” An exhibition entails various similar businesses showcasing their brand, products and services. This factor makes it all the more vital for companies to think outside the box and make their exhibition display shine
Blue and White Exhibition Stand

6 Great Tips to Refresh Your Exhibition Stand

Like many other things, your exhibition stand also has an expiration date. Even though your exhibition stand may last you a few years, after a few uses, it begins to lose its charm and appear outdated. Since the exhibition industry is highly competitive, you always have to be on top