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types of exhibition stand designs

4 Different Exhibition Stands and How They Suit Your Brand Personality

Did you know? Almost 41% of marketers believe that live events are the ‘single most effective’ marketing venture over digital marketing. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that more than 84% of the attendees have the ‘power’ or rather the desire to purchase something that day. If you go by
Great exhibition stands

How a Great Exhibition Stand Can Help You at Your Next Trade Show

If your business is going to attend an upcoming event or trade show, you need to ensure that you have the best possible exhibition stand to help you distinguish yourself from your competitors and other businesses that might be attending the same event. Getting noticed in an exhibition is like
Benefits exhibition stand designs

Top 3 Benefits of Using an Exhibition Stand Design for Marketing

Everyone knows that digital marketing is creating quite a buzz across all frontiers. But smart businesses know that nothing beats the impact of a classic trade show. That’s because it’s an official way to announce your presence to the world. You also get a great chance to stand your ground
custom built stands

Top 3 reasons why custom built stands are becoming more popular

As more and more companies search for more innovative marketing methods, there’s been an increasing interest in custom built exhibition stands in recent times. A trade show is the ideal way to promote your business to a huge pool of ready-made potential clients while providing a distinctive, personal touch. With
stand out from the crowd exhibitions

Top 3 tips to help you stand out at your next Exhibition

Standing out from the crowd at your next Exhibition   First and foremost, the success of your exhibition stand lays in it’s overall layout and design. The layout of your exhibition stand should be constructed in such a way that your brands products and services are the focal point of