Attending trade shows can help marketers gain exposure that’ll lead to increased brand awareness. Your competitors may have flashy booths or visual aid to entice the attendees, but you can still compete with them.

Wondering how?

Well, it only takes the right pop up displays to bring prospective clients running to your booth. You need to think strategically so that you can gain maximum ROI. Pop up promotional counters help to create a strong impression on your customers. Adding pop up displays to the booth makes you look grand and more invested in the whole process. It also makes you look more professional and instantly highlights your booth for attendees. There are several benefits of using pop up displays that’ll make your exhibit worth remembering for the attendees. So let’s see how pop up displays can make your customized exhibition stands look more exciting!

·       Portable

When it comes to choosing promotional resources, it’s important to gauge their capabilities. Before you can use pop up displays to reel in prospective customers, you need to get it to the venue first. Traditional marketing displays were very difficult to carry. Pop up displays, on the other hand, are extremely portable and easy to carry. They are also very easy to store and the flexible materials used for the body ensure long-lasting quality.

·       Reusable

It’s understood that you’d want to use your pop up displays every chance you get. Be it at trade shows or exhibitions, you’d prefer to use these resources for maximum value. If you have a tight budget, you’re unlikely to go for single-use tools. Be it pop up promotional counters or displays, you can tweak them to reflect the theme of each event. You can use them again and again while adjusting them to match the event settings. The best part is that if you opt for high-quality tools, to begin with, you may be able to use them for years. This factor is enough to entice people to invest in pop up displays.

·       Versatile

Pop up displays are versatile and can be customized to a T. This benefit is enough to convince you of their importance for your customized exhibition stands. You can customize them to your liking, so they fulfill the needs of your business. The various sizes and styles available offer solutions to serve your specific purpose. You can opt for free-standing pop up displays or go for tabletop pop up displays, whatever suits your trade show needs.

You can even add other resources to complement the pop up displays. Media walls and backlit panels are some technologically advanced promotional resources that can enhance your pop up displays. These features intrigue the attendees, ensuring heavy traffic at your booth the whole time.

·       Require Little Space

At an exhibition stand, you have very limited space. The more space you need, the more money you will have to spend. To maximise space, you will have to make sure that your promotional mediums don’t take up most of the area. This is where pop up displays come in. They are narrow and high and don’t require too much space.

A standard exhibition stand measures 10×10 feet. If you have opted for such a stand, you can just prop up some pop up displays around the booth and make full use of the space. Or, you can put up pop up banners over your booth when you run out of floor space.  This way, your banners will be visible to your audience from afar as well.

It’s important to note that the placement of the pop up display adds a unique element to your customised exhibition stands. So always make sure that your display is placed in such a way that it is visible and clear from even a distance.

·       Cost-Effective

The cost of pop up displays varies, but they don’t cost much average. Once again, your expenses will depend on your budget. It’s not difficult to find something that fits your budget, even if it’s small. It may take time to find the right resources, but rest assured that you eventually will. Pop up displays can make your trade show space pop without putting a dent in your wallet, and that’s an accomplishment on its own.

·       Easy to Assemble

Pop up signs are easy to assemble and the simple process means that you can set up your pop up promotional counters within minutes. They come with standard frames and all you need to do is attach the included parts. Depending on the size of the display, you can even do the job on your own, without anyone’s help. With pop up advertising displays, you stand to save not only your time but also money. So it’s fair to say that this advertising tool can help you ace your trade show game.


This list of benefits should be enough to convince you of the importance of pop up displays. Be it about promoting your business or raising awareness for a cause, pop up displays are a great way to convey your message. You can use them at trade shows, events, and exhibitions as setting them up requires minimum effort. They offer promotional opportunities, even to people who are working on a low budget and their charm and convenience will eventually lead you to success and make you shine.

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Exhibitions and trade shows are a great way for businesses to connect with their potential employees directly and market their business or brand to them. Even though exhibitions are old-school, they still serve as an effective marketing source for companies and organizations.

When participating in an event, you obviously want your business to succeed and outdo other businesses. The key to doing that is to convert as many prospects into customers as possible. To achieve this, the first step is to attract prospective clients to your exhibition stand. An effective way to do just that is an outstanding exhibition stand design.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should follow when designing your exhibition stand to get maximum visibility in front of your target audience.

Create an Attractive Stand

There are a variety of different elements that help create an attractive and inviting stand. As an exhibitor, it’s important to understand the importance of creating an aesthetically appealing exhibition stand. You will have to consider the different elements that make up your stand and work towards making them attractive. Most importantly, you’ll have to ensure that your exhibition stand represents the image of your brand or business. You can select any stand design that you want depending upon the space allotted to you.

Also, ensure that your custom-made exhibition stand design stands out from the crowd. Make sure to add bright and eye-catching colors to your stand (preferably those used in your brand logo) to attract more prospects. You can also try to heighten your exhibition stand. If not entirely, then try heightening a few walls that you can use to clearly display your business logo.

Use Appropriate Lighting

Lighting is a very common aspect of your exhibition stand that exhibitors especially first-timers tend to skip out on. However, your stand’s lighting is an extremely important element especially if you’re showcasing new products or items. Illuminating the appropriate elements of your exhibition stand such as certain products you want to showcase, can truly have a major impact on the goals you’re trying to achieve through the exhibition. Lighting also helps your exhibition stand standout from the rest of the crowd.

Create a Seating Area for Your Audience

This may not be something that businesses do very commonly at exhibitions. However, it is a great way to interact with your audience. Visitors walk around a lot at exhibitions and end up getting exhausted. By creating a separate space for them to sit and relax, you can build an effective relationship with them. You can also offer them a few refreshments so that they spend more time at your stand. This will also make other visitors curious and make them want to visit your exhibition stand. Also, you can use this time effectively to talk to them and communicate your business’ ideology with them.

Plan Activities at Your Stand

Don’t shy away when it comes to planning activities at your stand. The key to make your exhibition stand unique from the rest of the crowd is to create a different vibe for your audience. This cannot be achieved if you stick to boring presentations. So, you should focus on planning fun activities that keep your audiences captivated and engrossed at your stand. This will also ensure that they remember you even after they leave the event.

Don’t Overdo the Exhibition Stand Design

Some exhibitors tend to overdo the design of their exhibition stand. You don’t need to throw in a bunch of elements together in order to make your stand work. You will have to think and see which elements go best together such as the lighting, color scheme, layout, etc. Less truly is more when it comes to designing exhibition stands so make sure you keep that in mind when designing your stand.

Don’t Think of Your Exhibition Display as a Brochure

While it may be super-important to deliver as much information as possible about your brand and products to your potential audience, it is also important to know that your exhibition stand is not a brochure.

So, make sure to account for your audience’s limited attention span and keep your text short and informative. Also, remember to proofread all your text before printing it as a simple proofing error has the power to make you appear unprofessional. It can put your visitors off and cause them to move forward.

Don’t Use Low-quality Images

Find innovative ways to deliver your information to the audience such as colorful high-quality images and graphics. They are an effective marketing tool to grab your audience’s attention. Additionally, they are an easy and creative means to ensure that your audience comprehends your message clearly. However, you need to make sure to use high-quality and aesthetic images. Using low-quality images can ruin the entire vibe of your exhibition stand and push your audience away rather than attracting more people.


Listed above are some do’s and don’ts of designing exhibition stands that will surely help you as an exhibitor. Follow these simple yet super-effective tips to create a successful exhibition stand. An attractive stand will grab the attention of the onlookers and entice them to visit your stand. You can use this opportunity to build a connection and reputation with them. Once your prospective clients are at your stand, it will be up to you and your team to communicate and turn them into solid customers.

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As easy as it may seem on the surface, participating in an exhibition and planning an exhibition stand can be pretty challenging. Participating in an exhibition entails an extensive number of elements and disciplines that have to be brought together for a successful event. From designing the stand to staffing it, and most importantly, marketing it – a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration.

With so many considerations on your plate, it’s highly likely that you might miss out on something integral. Hence, you need to be carefully and methodically prepared to participate in an exhibition.

So, here is an exhibition stand checklist to ensure that your event goes smoothly and turns out to be uber-successful.

Type of Exhibition Stand

The first task that you need to tick off your checklist is deciding on the type of exhibition stand that you want. The type of exhibition stand is determined by the nature of the event that you’re participating in.

You can use a shell scheme stand – a typical exhibition stand that is allotted to you when you book your space at the venue. You can also opt for a fully customized exhibition stand that will perfectly reflect the essence of your brand.

Stand Size and Location

Once you’ve decided on the type of exhibition stand that you want, you will have to decide on the size of the stand. This will mainly be determined by the space that is allotted to you by the event organizers. The size of the stand shouldn’t be smaller than or exceed the space given to you otherwise there can be many issues.

While deciding on the exhibition space, you should also take a look at the location of the space at the venue. If the space you’re being allotted is at the very back behind other stands, it can get difficult to gain visibility in front of your target audience. Also, if your allotted exhibition stand space is right in the front, make sure you utilize that spotlight as effectively as possible.

Exhibition Stand Lighting

While this may not seem like an important aspect when it comes to exhibition stands, it is extremely crucial. The lighting of your stand can make or break how your audience perceives your brand or business. A stand with good lighting will help grab your audience’s attention and bring them towards your products.

However, if you don’t pay much attention to this or even forget to add proper lighting to your exhibition stand, your entire effort for the event will go to waste. So, make sure that you try different types of lighting such as spotlights, LEDs, or even neon lighting to grab as much audience attention as possible.

Exhibition Stand Utilities

Apart from the obvious exhibition stand design factors, there are certain other aspects of the stand that also have to be taken into consideration. There are certain utilities that must be available at the stand for it to function effectively otherwise your participation in the event can be a big miss! Since you and your personnel will be at the stand all day, you will need to keep water (maybe even for your visitors). This can also be a good way to initiate a conversation with your potential target market.

Secondly, you will need electricity at your stand. There’s no doubt that indoor exhibitions have electricity but you yourself will have to make sure that no mishaps occur during the event. When it comes to outdoor exhibition events, the electricity aspect may be trickier. However, just make sure to coordinate with the event organizers in case of any mishaps.


Another super-important facility you should have at your exhibition stand is the internet. You will need the internet for playing promotional videos or putting live updates on your social media.  Additionally, you can urge your visitors to use your internet and follow your brand on their social media.

USB Sticks, Adaptors, Chargers, and Cables

These are a few super important and obvious facilitators that we forget to take along with us everywhere we go – even when we’re off for a vacation! So, make sure to add these to your exhibition stand checklist so that you don’t forget them.

You’ll require a USB for presentations or videos that you intend to play. Also, you’ll require chargers and adaptors for phones and laptops so that your laptop doesn’t switch off between presentations.

Furniture and Cutlery

These are a few obvious things you’ll require at your stand but they can just as easily be forgotten. You will have to arrange for some furniture for your stand such as chairs or a sofa. You can even place beans bags where your audience can come and relax when they’re tired.

This could be a great way for you to keep your target audience at your stand for longer and also strike up conversations with them regarding your brand or products. You can also place a carpet or floor covering if you feel like it supports your overall stand theme.

Don’t forget the catering for your exhibition stand. You don’t necessarily have to arrange for an entire three-course meal – a few tantalizing refreshments will do the trick. For water and the food, you will also need cutlery such as cups and plates. So, you can either bring it yourself or ask a caterer to arrange all of these items for you. Also, don’t forget to place a waste bin at your stand location to keep the area clean.


Even though the requirements and factors differ from one exhibition to another, the above checklist offers a solid framework that you can use to identify and accomplish some of the most integral activities at your event. Make sure to tick off every task that you’ve accomplished and try to keep on track.

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Participating in an exhibition might be difficult, but it can open doors of opportunities for your business. It helps you showcase your business and gives you a chance to interact with potential customers. Hence, you have to make the most of this opportunity and do everything in your power to stand out from your competitors.

If you’re participating in an exhibition, here are a few secrets and tips to make your exhibition stand standout from the rest of the crowd.

Plan Early

The main secret behind having a great exhibition stand is planning. It’s important to initiate your trade show planning at least a few months before the event. Start by organizing all the important tasks and look around for exhibition stands as they can determine the success of your marketing strategy. You don’t want to decide the design of your exhibition stand at the last minute.

Starting your planning closer to the event day will make things more difficult for you. Because of lack of time, you may end up making more rushed decisions and compromising on important components.

So, ensure that you give yourself enough time to create a design that suits your business. Even if your exhibition stand designer is cooperative, certain design changes require a certain amount of time, which you won’t have if you start planning at the last minute.

Follow Exhibition Guidelines

All exhibitions and trade shows have a set of rules and regulations. Make sure that you follow the rules set by the exhibition organizers before you start designing your display.

For instance, event organizers usually allow a certain exhibition stand size for the event. If your stand is bigger or smaller than the set size, you may face some issues. A bad trade show booth may even be relocated by the event managers.

Apart from the mentioned set of rules, there are some implied rules that you have to follow. Exhibitions have a lot of businesses competing side-by-side with one another. Don’t forget that it’s your responsibility to respect the exhibition stand of your fellow competitors too.

Choose a Good Exhibition Stand Design

An unappealing booth won’t experience the same footfall as an attractive one. Visitors are more likely to visit an exhibition stand that is visually appealing and well-lit rather than one that appears to be dull and boring.

If you’re opting for a shell scheme stand or pop-up display, then be sure to choose a stand that aligns with your company’s vision and goals. Also, when picking a stand for your trade show, consider its adaptability so that you can use the same stand in different trade shows.

The key to achieving success with this component is to discuss your concerns with your exhibition stand designer and be sure to tap into their experience and knowledge.

Use Graphics and Signage

Exhibition stands can be customized from scratch. So, when you are designing one, make sure you go all out.  The best way to enhance the overall design of your exhibition stand is to incorporate a lot of graphics and signage.

Make sure to incorporate your brand logo along with other images and colors to make your stand more appealing to your audience. When you are installing your signage, ensure that it is visible from afar.  This will increase the footfall to your booth.

Keep Your Company Message Clear

Your exhibition stand is a tool used to communicate with your target audience. Your main aim at a tradeshow is to send out a message to your audience. When planning your exhibition stand design, ensure that you concentrate on the kind of message you want to send out to the attendees.

This is specifically important if you’re planning to launch new products in the market. Make sure that you know what you are trying to communicate to the audience— an unclear message will push people away.

Incorporate Technology

Technology is your new best friend. Try to use it wherever possible so that your exhibition booth stands out from the rest of your competitors. Add a little spunk to your traditional exhibition stand design by making use of updated technology.

You can use interactive screen displays, ipads and even LED screens to not only attract your audience but to keep them engaged. Interactive technology also includes Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). These super-trendy and interactive technology options will attract people to your stand like moths to a flame.

Provide Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies and giveaways. Don’t deprive your audience or your business from this great marketing opportunity. Just ensure that the items that you choose to give are relevant to your target audience and market your brand.

You can also use these gifts to initiate or strike a conversation with your potential customers. You can also use giveaways to encourage attendees to leave behind their information that you can then use for marketing purposes.

Whenever you are giving giveaways, make sure that you brand your gift items before presenting them to your stand visitors. This will surely make them remember your brand long after the event is over.

Remain Organized

As mentioned above, try staying organized throughout the planning and execution of your exhibition stand. During the planning phase, ensure that you create to-do lists so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

Even during the exhibition, pay attention to the tidiness and cleanliness of your exhibition stand. Make sure to keep it uncluttered throughout the event so that your customers feel comfortable when they visit your stand. Tidiness will not only help you remain organized but it will also help you make a great first impression.


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A study that surveyed exhibitors proved that an eye-catching exhibition stand is the best way to attract attendees. Over 48% of the visitors agreed that the exhibition stand and smart design is what prompted them to visit it. Small businesses need to take note of this because when they have to compete against market leaders, every little thing counts.

So, how can you set up your exhibition stand efficiently? How can you entice people to visit your stand?

Well, finding the right method can be a challenge for many exhibitors since there are a lot of steps involved. Depending on your target audience and the product, you also need to keep an eye on the exhibition stands of your competitors.

If you crave a smooth experience and want people to notice your booth, we have a few tips that’ll help you out. Once you master these ways to set up your exhibition stand efficiently, you’ll be able to attract your target audience and eventually increase your brand awareness.

So let’s get started!

·       The Size

Before you start decorating, you need to keep the size of your exhibition stand in mind. You may have a standard size stand that measures 10 x 10, or you may have opted for customized exhibition stands. The size of the stand can vary depending on the trade show. If you are attending a show that industry leaders are also attending, you may want to go big too. For all the other trade shows, a standard size would suffice. You can buy or rent exhibition stands for prominence or extra display space. It all depends on what you like, your budget and what setting you’re in. It’s better to research a bit about the trade show before you choose a size.

·       Less Is More

A cramped exhibition stand surely stands out at the event, but for all the wrong reasons. Remember that less is more when it comes to customized exhibition stands. Keep the décor to a minimum, as it helps to limit your expense and setup time. Attractive furniture and décor highlights your booth and boosts its aesthetic value. Choose furniture that’s eye-catching and serves the purpose. Opt for items that can jazz up the space without making it look crowded. This becomes essential if the booth is small.

·       Information Collection Table

If you’re doing everything right, your exhibition stand can quickly attract many people. It’ll help you out a lot if you have a separate area for data collection. This space can also serve as a small meeting area, where you can sit, relax and provide information to the attendees. This comfortable seating area should be kept in a corner so that it doesn’t block off the display area.

This information desk is where you can easily provide information to all interested parties. Compiling data also becomes easy when you have a separate desk. Here, too, you need to remember the golden rule of ‘Less is more’. The information desk should have your mobile device, a business card holder, a notepad and a pen and comfortable seats. You can also include any pamphlets or leaflets that you want to pass out to attendees for more information about your business.

·       Trade Show Banners

You can’t wait for attendees to pass by your booth to know you’re attending too. You need to announce your presence so that attendees can see you the moment they enter the venue. And trade show banners are the resource that’ll help you achieve this goal. You can make your exhibition stand more prominent by rigging up some trade show banners on the top. With your brand name displayed at a height, it’ll be easier for people to locate you. Build a unique banner that speaks volumes about your brand and ignites people’s interest.

·       Use Visual Aid

With 43% of exhibitors spending £500 – £2000 annually on trade show displays, you need to make sure you can keep up with your competitor. The best way to do that is to invest money in visual aid for your customized exhibition stands.

Media walls or backlit displays are a great way to lure in customers. This is one of the best ways to set up your exhibition stand efficiently as you make use of technology. You can enthrall attendees with the right digital resource and be the highlight of their time at the event.

·       Align Business Logo with Exhibition Stand Colours

The exhibition stand must have the colours of your business logo. Even the fonts used in the logo can be incorporated in other text bodies. This will ensure the whole décor has consistency and nothing looks awkward. This will also ensure that attendees have no problem in recognising your brand and the exhibition stand from afar. Make sure you get the help of an advertising company or your in-house experts to reproduce the shades and font of your business logo.


These are just some ways to set up your exhibition stand efficiently and compete against even the biggest brands in the market. As long as you follow them, you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression at exhibitions and renew people’s interest in your brand. These tips will not only help you generate leads, but they’ll also establish your business as a professional and customer-oriented brand in your customers’ eyes. So make sure you follow these for your next big trade show!

But before you can use these tips, you need to get an exhibition stand. You can buy or rent exhibition stands from Display Revolution, who have customized exhibition stands to make your tradeshow successful. Just browse through the ‘Display Easy’ rental packages to get your business a cost-effective marketing solution or call at 0121 554 2748 for more information.