Exhibitions are one of the greatest platforms that offer companies a multitude of opportunities. The main motive is to present your business in the best way possible. Your exhibition stand makes one of the biggest contributions to the success of your exhibition or trade show participation. Many factors affect the entire look of your stand. Each factor should be looked at and worked on very carefully.

One essential factor is lighting. While this might seem like a mediocre factor, you will be surprised to know that lighting plays an important role in transforming the entire look and feel of your stand. Whether your stand is in the dingiest corner or in a prime spot, lighting can make your stand stand out.

The choice of lighting will depend on your exhibit, the product or service you are marketing and trying to promote and the audience that visits you at the exhibit. For instance, if you are at a travel exhibit and are promoting the beauty of Maldives or other such islands, your exhibit needs to be lit in a soothing and inviting manner. If it is visually loud, annoyingly bright and brimming with neon colors, it is less likely to attract your target audience. If you have a stall or an exhibit related to places with a fun nightlife like Bangkok, using bright neon lights may help attract your target audience.

What Can Lighting Do?

Lighting serves many great purposes. It is used to highlight selective aspects of your stand, create a general atmospheric glow or even display individual products to make them look uber-appealing.

Lighting can greatly affect the way people interpret and interact with your business. It can create an entirely different mood or atmosphere and help you convey your brand message to your audience effectively.

Warm Lighting

Warm lighting creates a cozy and welcoming feel. Warm lighting comprises of orange lighting that gives the audience an inviting feel. Hence, the target audience stays at your stall longer.

Cold Lighting

Cold lighting tends to stimulate a lot of physical and mental activity. So, in case your stand involves serious games or is technical, then cold lighting will be the most suitable for your exhibition stand. For Math-related exhibits and for snow sports-based activities, opt for this lighting.

Bright White Lighting

Bright white lighting demonstrates professionalism and cleanliness. It makes the exhibit look clean and very professional.  For sober, serious exhibit topics, you can use bright white lights. They go very well with white floors and white exhibits and are also great for colored exhibits.

Neon and Colored Lighting

Neon or colored lights are meant to grab audience attention.  The bright lights attract people from afar. They are loud, bright and lively. If your exhibit is all about fun, flavors and thrill, neon lights will be your savior. They attract the youth for the most part. Older people are less likely to be attracted to things that are very bright and colorful.  You can even use neon colors to attract children.

In short, the type of lighting you incorporate in your exhibition stand will determine the impression you make on your audience.

Common Types of Lighting at an Exhibition Stand

A few types of lighting are popularly used at exhibitions. These include:

1)  Ambient Lighting
This helps create and evoke a specific feeling through enhancing the ambiance and atmosphere.

2) Task lighting
This refers to lighting up a certain part of your exhibit or certain products on display. This makes what you want to promote more prominent and helps in attracting only those customers that will lead to direct conversions.

3) Accent Lighting

This refers to highlighting and illuminating one aspect of your exhibit with the aim to attract audience attention to one specific area or product.

4) Decorative Lighting

The sole reason is to make the overall exhibit look appealing and pretty. This form of lighting is mostly used to attract more people in order to achieve a higher footfall rate. Decorative lighting may include a net of fairy lights, large colorful 2K lights outside the exhibit or even several small lamps, etc.


You probably won’t have the option to control the lighting levels or the direction of lights at your exhibit; however, that doesn’t mean you overlook or ignore lighting because it is a very essential part of all displays and exhibits. Your stand and stall layout, illustrations and products on display, brochures and leaflets, interactive screens and lighting must pull in participants and create a positive impression.

Numerous exhibitors simply don’t consider lighting as a basic plan component and don’t regard brilliantly lit up settings as important. Including additional light sources may feel over-done, but it is essential. With cautious use and well-planned arrangement, well-directed light sources really improve visuals and the overall experience of those visiting the booth or exhibit.

Featuring certain products or services through lighting will increase the chances of your guests remembering your services. Plus, with lighting, your prospects understand your message more quickly.

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The most effective kind of marketing is the one where you can directly address your customers. Face to face marketing carries a lot of benefits for businesses. One such marketing technique in which you can directly market or sell your products to consumers is through exhibitions.

Exhibitions and trade shows can bring significant attention to your business if marketed properly. They are great for establishing and building relationships not only with your customers but also with other members of the industry.

1)      Exhibitions Bring Your Audience to You

While digital marketing has almost completely overthrown traditional marketing, exhibitions still hold some value. They are a great option to interact with your target market organically.

With so many businesses developing content and wrestling for customer attention, it can get pretty difficult to grab and maintain a customer’s attention on a digital marketing platform. Events like exhibitions ensure that only like-minded people are there. Not only does this get rid of the scalability factor that many small businesses face but it also helps bring your customers directly to you. As an entrepreneur, you probably won’t have to do much work. The exhibition organizers will bring potential customers to you themselves. However, you will have to focus on maintain customer attention and interest.

2)      Exhibitions Help Develop Relationships and Credibility

A successful business is one that manages to establish effective relationships not only with its customers but also with other related or unrelated businesses. The best way to enhance customer loyalty and improve customer retention is to pay attention to customer relationships.

The foundation of these relationships depends on reliability and trust. When you come face-to-face with your customers, they will be able to hear you and look at your facial expressions that will help develop a trustful relationship. Face-to-face marketing at exhibitions can help establish credibility and build stronger relationships with existing and prospective customers.

3)      Makes Your Business More Visible and Accessible to Customers

Customers will naturally be inclined towards businesses that are not only visible but also accessible. They appreciate open communication i.e. if they’re giving feedback, they want the business to be open to feedback too. Face-to-face marketing at exhibitions is a good way to put your customers and prospects’ fears at rest. Participating in exhibitions reflects that you’re welcoming and accessible. Therefore, more people will come up and interact with you.

4)      Makes Communication More Effective

Online communication usually suffers due to mistaken context. Direct communication, however, has proven to be far better and more effective. Initially, it might seem a little difficult to interact directly with customers but once you start participating in exhibitions, it becomes a piece of cake. With every encounter, your skills improve and hence, the communication process becomes smoother.

Exhibitions offer businesses a way to communicate directly with their customers. Face-to-face marketing makes the customers believe that you’re sincere. Also, the way you present yourself through your attire and exhibition stand setup speaks volumes to the customers about who you really are. Exhibitions are therefore, a great way to effectively communicate with your customers.

5)      Exhibitions Help in Reinforcing Your Brand Identity

Exhibitions offer businesses a vast platform that can be used to brand their product or business. As an entrepreneur, you want your current and prospective customers to comprehend why you’re currently in business alongside knowing what makes you different from the competition.  This face-to-face marketing at exhibitions helps reinforce your brand identity to your current and potential customers. You have a way to directly showcase your brand’s identity in front of your audience through your exhibition stand.

A customized exhibition stand is a great way to communicate your brand identity to your customers. The theme, the colour scheme, the logo, tagline and even the lighting help set the mood of your stand that ultimately delivers your brand message to the audience.

If you’re setting up a stand for the first time or you have just initiated your business then make sure you have your logo and tagline sorted out. Also, establish your USP (Unique Selling Point) so that your customers are aware of why you’re different from the competitors.

6)      Face-to-face Marketing Helps Tap into Your Customers’ Emotions

Emotions are an integral part of a marketing strategy. Many businesses use emotions to elicit a response from prospects. There’s no better way than face-to-face marketing to evoke a response from customers. Interacting with your customers directly will make them feel more connected to you.

You can interact with your customers and ask them about their future plans or hopes and dreams. This will give you more insights into the wants, needs and behaviour of your consumers.

There are many factors that can contribute to the success of your exhibition. Before you get excited about the benefits of marketing at exhibitions, first you’ll need to attract customers to your exhibition stand. One of your main priorities should be the exhibition stand itself. Customized exhibition stands are great as they reflect the true image of your business and will attract customers.

Amazing customized exhibition stands can be bought or rented from Display Revolution. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the staffing of the exhibition stand. You’ll have to hire competent people who know how to deal with customers effectively. Once you’ve sorted out these two factors then hopefully, you’ll attract more visitors and will reap the various benefits of face-to-face marketing!

Increasing globalization and enhancing markets have transformed the entire business world. Trade show and exhibitions are a spectacular way of marketing your business. They bring like-minded people together who share information and help create long-lasting relationships. However, they require significant time and money. When investing a considerable amount of money, you certainly want to ensure your exhibition stand fills its purpose effectively. Your exhibition stand should give you the best possible return on your investments.

If you want to make a great impression on your audience, you’ll need an attractive exhibition stand. Your exhibition stand should be enticing enough to create a long-lasting impression on your audience. If your exhibition stand isn’t working very well, there may be a few issues with it. Here are some reasons why your exhibition stand is probably not working.

1)   Lack of Goal-Setting

The key to creating a successful exhibition stand is setting a few goals and objectives. Before you participate in an exhibition, you need to decide the reason you’re setting up this stand and what you aim to achieve from it. Just because your competitors are participating in an exhibition is not a good enough reason for you to also take part in it. Make sure the exhibition goals are aligned with your business’ overall strategic goals.

2)   Lack of Proper Space

It doesn’t matter how great-looking your exhibition stand is, if it’s placed somewhere at the back, the audience won’t even notice it. Ensuring that you secure a great place at an exhibition is extremely necessary. You should analyze the place at the exhibition venue where you can get the most traffic flow.

You also have to analyze any factors of the venue that might affect the performance of your exhibition stand on the day of the event. If it’s too late and you end up getting stuck with an exhibition stand in a bad place, you’ll have to come up with innovative features that will enhance your presence at the event.

3)   Getting the Wrong Type of Stand

It’s been established that your exhibition stand should be appealing to the audience. You’ll have to choose the perfect stand for your event; if you don’t, your potential prospects might just walk past it. Your stand should not only be attractive but also informative— but in a subtle way. Too much information or too many words will just make the audience lose interest in your exhibition stand.

Your exhibition stand should reflect your brand image, which is why you should get the stand customized. There are tiny elements of the exhibition stand that should be paid attention to, in order to create an entire experience for your customers. If you want to make a significant impact and place your exhibition stand in the limelight then, you will have to ensure that your stand has the ‘wow’ factor coupled with a touch of your brand. This means that the stand should be designed around your business’s products and services. While many businesses might miss out on these small elements, it’s best to delegate this task to professionals like Display Revolution. They ensure that your stand not only works but is also a banging success.

4)   Investing in the Wrong Things

Many businesses invest in the wrong aspects of the stand. It’s important to maintain relevancy when adding extra features to your exhibition stand. If they don’t align with the original goals that you’ve set, then it’s just a waste of resources. Incorporating technology and other exciting features into your exhibition stand might just provide the return on investment that you so badly need.

Luckily, there are multitudes of options of tech and innovative ideas that will help in achieving your long-term goals. Instead of handing out bundles of chocolate to your audience, it will be more helpful for you to plan a bunch of activities for them. Let’s face it, in the former case, your audience will just stop by to grab chocolates, whereas, in the latter, they will spend more time at your stall and might just learn something interesting about your business.

5)   Disappointing Visitor Experience

While the layout and design of your stand are meant to attract potential customers and business partners, the visitor experience will make them stay. Your audience won’t pay attention to the text written in the pamphlets or placed on the banners. However, they will be interested and stay longer at your exhibition stand if you engage them in interesting conversations or fun activities.

Arrange for interactive technology, good lighting, and great sales agents. All these factors contribute to the entire customer experience. A ‘wow’ experience will ensure that your brand is not forgotten by the visitors after they leave your stall. A customized exhibition stand will help tailor customer experience.

6)   Participating In the Wrong Exhibition

Imagine that you’ve worked on and executed a brilliant stand with the perfect spot at the event and a spectacular customer experience – yet you have a limited footfall. While you might think you need to be very clumsy for something like this to happen, it’s actually possible. If you’ve only signed up for an exhibition because your competitors attend it, then well, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Choose an exhibition to participate in very smartly, ensuring that it aligns with your overall goals and strategic objectives.

The Bottom Line

While it’s important to have an aesthetically appealing exhibition stand, there are other factors that also play a role in the success of your participation. You’ll notice that your exhibition stand isn’t working by keeping a check on its footfall; the number of people who are visiting your stall. If you see that the audience notices your stall and walks past it, it means that your exhibition stand is not appealing enough or you aren’t offering them what they want. The bottom line is that if you notice these events transpiring, it means your exhibition stand isn’t working very well.


Marketing plays a key role in the success of your business. While you can manage various departments, ranging from HR to Finance and even supply chain, what’s the point if you don’t know how to sell the products you’re offering? Without marketing, many businesses fail to get even a simple customer. Adopting the right technique, you can not only build your brand image positively but also get more conversions. One such way is by participating in trade shows!

Trade shows have been extremely popular amongst promoters and marketers for many years. Participating successfully in a trade show is well, pretty difficult. However, trade shows remain one of the most fulfilling forms of marketing if they’re executed with a supreme strategy. Not only do trade shows enable us to achieve better and more effective results, but they also offer a great platform to increase the conversion rates of the business. Trade shows provide you with an interested audience – like-minded prospective customers and existing customers.

Here are a few reasons as to why participating in trade shows is significant for businesses.

To Develop Your Brand

Branding is a huge part of your business that needs to be executed effectively. This specially concerns those industries that mainly operate on trust and reputation. Participating in a trade show is a great way to convey your message to the audience. It shows that not only is your company reliable, but it’s also big enough to afford its presence at great events and trade shows.

You need to ensure that you use this opportunity to act strategically. By adopting the right strategy, even a small business at its initial stage can strengthen its brand’s position and image. Building your brand is an important part of marketing. You can also offer your prospective and existing customers promotional items such as t-shirts, caps or even pens. This will act as a reminder of your business.

To Connect with Prospective Customers

Calling your customers and trying to reach out to them in conventional ways has become old school. Businesses are now focusing on a more face-to-face confrontation with their customers. This means that they should avail as many direct connections with customers as possible, including trade shows.

The best part about trade shows is that it places you face to face with your potential customers. They enable you to connect with prospective and potential customers. You never know if instant purchases might occur if the prospective customers like your product. In case spontaneous sales don’t take place, don’t worry as they might purchase your products in the future.

To Build Stronger Relationships with Existing Customers

You need to maintain strong relationships with your existing customers as they are the foundation of your business. Customers remain loyal to those businesses that constantly care for their needs. One mistake and they have multiple other brands they can switch to. While you can choose to maintain relations through the phone or email it’s not always effective. Trade shows help you conduct face-to-face meetings and talks with your existing customers. This will help you create a strong bond and relationship with both existing and potential customers. Therefore, trade shows are one of the greatest options for promoting customer growth.

To Be Aware of New Developments

While it’s important to keep your customers close, it’s even more important to keep your competitors closer. When attending a trade show, your business is placed in the limelight for any development or innovation announcements. Your competitors are probably doing the same. It’s better to be aware of what your competitors are up to rather than keeping yourself out of the loop.

Trade shows enable you to have a closer look at other companies and their products and new, cutting edge developments. This is great for you to get any new ideas. You can also see some products you like, improve upon it and introduce it with many more modifications.

To Look for New Companies to Partner up with

Regardless of the type of trade show you’re attending, there will be various other companies present there. You will have the opportunity to interact with prospective customers and also different potential vendors. This will enable you to avail the potential opportunity of expanding your distribution or supply chain network. You can also suggest your marketing team to pay attention to the consumer while you make your purchasing management develop contacts with different contractors and vendors. Therefore, trade shows not only provide us with the opportunity to maintain our existing customers and enhance our potential customer base, but it also helps us expand the business’s supply chain network.

Help Builds New Relations

Trade shows introduce you to other exhibitors. It’s your job to initiate conversation and a relationship with other exhibitors to expand your network. These exhibitors may not be connected to your business or industry directly, but they may need your product or services. Additionally, they can also refer you to other businesses that might help you out. This will either help you add an additional source of customer leads or make help you come across potential people who can help you out.

Regardless of the industry your business is operating in, trade shows can be advantageous for you in more ways than one. Even though all trade shows may seem appealing, be careful when picking or choosing which one to attend. It’s also important to focus on your trade booth displays. Your trade displays can have a major impact on all the other factors that follow, such as meeting customers or building your brand.

Get a proper yet effective booth that represents your business in the best way possible. If you’re looking for an uber-attractive and customized exhibition stand for your trade show, be sure to check out Display Revolution!

Exhibitions are great for business exposure. Hence, it’s vital to focus on the exhibition stand design. Not only does designing a unique exhibition stand create a strong impression, but it also makes your company stand out from the rest. Designing the stand, however, can be really tricky – even the tiniest of elements and details matter.

Where you’re investing large sums of money to participate in an exhibition, it makes sense to invest a few more into creating an eye-catching exhibition stand. Additionally, your stand needs to make a strong impact on the audience. We’re sure you hear this saying very often, but yes, first impressions do count! What if you came across a stand with dim lighting and weird designs? We’re sure you wouldn’t even check it out no matter how good their products might be. Similarly, despite your business’s offerings, if your stall seems visually unappealing, prospects and customers will steer away from it.

So, you must be wondering how you can make your exhibition stand appealing. Here are a few design tips to help you design a super-alluring exhibition stand for your business.

1. Set Participation Objectives

Before stepping into any new venture, make sure you have your goals ironed out for you. This also implies for designing an exhibition stand. The two main points to ponder over are what you intend on achieving and the marketing message you intend to deliver through your exhibition stand. The design of the exhibition stand will depend on the goals you set. You can set up a brilliant stand, but if it doesn’t convey your company’s values to your audience, you’re just wasting your time. If you remain focused on your goals throughout the designing process, you’ll stay on the right track.

2. Maintain Focus on your Audience

The main motivation behind any business is its customers! While there may be a mixed crowd at an exhibition, make sure you remain focused on your target audience. Understanding your audience will help you tailor the exhibition stand according to their wants and needs. This will also help you develop a communication foundation through which you can ‘talk’ to your target market.

3. Maximize your Space

Since there are various other businesses also participating in trade shows, the space allotted is usually pretty limited. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make the most of the space you’ve been assigned. Talk to the exhibition organizers to know exactly how much space you’ll be working with. This way, you’ll be better prepared to completely utilize the space allocated to you. Enhance the look of your display area by removing any physical obstructions or barriers from the entrance. Also, it’s preferable to keep meeting areas at the back of your stand.

4. Go Easy on the Text

Less is often more. This applies to the text on exhibition stands as well. Always keep the text on your stand concise. With the short attention span most people have, you’re better off avoiding long sentences. This especially applies if you can convey the same message using fewer words. Use slogans or catchphrases that are easy for the audience to remember rather than listing long product descriptions. To ensure that, use a bigger and clear font size and type. The placement of the text on a stand or banner is also highly important. Ensure that you place the text where it’s easily visible to your audience. All in all, your message should be short, sweet and simple.

5. Arrange for Proper Lighting

A factor that is often not paid much heed to is indeed the lighting. Although lighting plays a significant role in dictating the theme and environment, many businesses fail to tend to this factor. Lighting has a major impact on the aesthetics of a stand. When used correctly, it can create diverse moods and ambiance depending on the desired goal. Don’t rely on the lighting at the venue; rather, try to get your own lighting options. Spotlights and colored lights are great for attracting crowds, considering they match the theme of your stand.

6. Include Images and Graphics

A picture really is worth a thousand words. The individual attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. This means that it’s pointless to add more text. A better option is to use more images and graphics to grab the attention of the audience. Images tend to communicate complex messages more effectively instead of a plethora of text. Make sure you place the images in the correct spot so that they can be spotted from a distance.

7. Choose From a Variety of Materials

Try experimenting. Nothing is set in stone; don’t be scared of experimenting with different materials. There are several options for you to choose from. From aluminum to wooden and even chrome – you can work with different materials and colors to see what works best for you. Get creative with your stand!

8. Develop an Atmosphere

Once everything is straightened out, use your chosen elements to create the ambiance of your exhibition stand. Use different lightings, materials, images, and text together to design your stand. Mix and match to find what works best to create your intended atmosphere.

The Bottom Line

Designing an exhibition stand can get pretty exhausting. The best option for you is to look for an experienced designer who can easily comprehend your needs and incorporate their own experience and imagination to create the look you want. You may also find it expensive to build the stand yourself, so why not let a professional do it for you?

Display Revolution is a great option to buy and rent customized exhibition stands from. The professionals at Display Revolution will create a gorgeous exhibition stand for your business, which will attract prospects and other audience members!