Every exhibitor has one important question on their mind, “how do I stand out from my competitors?” An exhibition entails various similar businesses showcasing their brand, products and services. This factor makes it all the more vital for companies to think outside the box and make their exhibition display shine brighter than its competitor.

The most successful exhibitors aren’t those who have massive fancy displays; they are those who make the best out of what they have. A part of boosting your exhibition space includes adding some final touches to give your display a personality of its own.

Here’s what you can do to add some special touches to your exhibition stand display.

Light Displays

Want to spice up your exhibition stand display? Incorporating an uber-cool light box is the way to go! A light box display entails various printed displays with a beautiful back-lit stand. These lights help illuminate the graphics of your stand, making it stand out and attract the audience’s attention.

A normal exhibition stand has graphics printed onto a stretched fabric panel which is fit into the aluminium frame of the display. To make the most of a small exhibition space or a dark stand, adding a light box offers amazing lighting. Moreover, this also helps promote your business and brand message effectively to the audience.

Stand Furniture

Another great way to boost your exhibition space is by employing the correct furniture. Make the best use of your space by using modern, inflatable and customised furniture if you have the resources. By setting up proper space with seating and tables, you can attract customers to visit and relax at your stand. However, it’s important to choose appropriate furniture that goes well with the theme of your overall stand.

Instead of placing bulky chairs that take up too much space, you can keep modern-looking bar stools that give a more professional and sleek appearance and utilise minimal space. You can also add a few printed inflatable seats as they will add uniqueness to your small exhibition space. These finishing tweaks may be small, but they can maximise your exhibition space significantly and contribute to the overall look of the display.

Graphics and Images

If you’re looking to boost your exhibition stand display while utilising minimal space, then incorporate graphics and images in its design. These tiny elements can make a huge difference by ramping up your display space and appealing to the audience. However, you need to be extremely careful when adding these elements to your display.

Too much text can make your small exhibition display appear even smaller than it is. So, it’s a good option to use text only to convey important messages and information to your audience. On the other hand, high quality graphics and images are extremely compelling means of beautifying your display while delivering important information to the audience. They are also a great medium through which you can communicate complex messages.

When incorporating images and graphics, an important thing you need to bear in mind is their design and placement. In order to maximise their impact, you need to place them at relevant places where your audience can immediately notice them. Moreover, you should try and make them bright and colourful without overdoing them for maximum audience attraction.


Another incredible way to boost your exhibition stand display is to incorporate various technological elements. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are some of the popular types of technology that can enhance your exhibition space and make it interactive.

AR and VR technologies are providing a growing number of businesses with the opportunity to engage with their potential customers. While they might be an expensive element to incorporate in your design, rest assured, they do pay off in the long haul. They help display and show your products and services in action, especially for automobile and electronic gadget companies.

You can also incorporate interactive screens throughout your stand without worrying about any space issues. Not only do they add to your design, but they also create an engaging and interactive experience for your audience. You can also keep iPads or tablets so that your audience can fill in their information and place TV screens on walls and run some creative videos of your business and products on them.

All in all, technology can truly boost your exhibition stand display and create a highly memorable experience for your audience. Moreover, with AR and VR at your stand, you can expect to attract a large number of attendees like a moth to a flame.

Clean Display

Whether you have a big or small exhibition space, you need to ensure that it remains clean and uncluttered throughout the event. Small exhibition spaces appear smaller than they are if they are too messy. Firstly, you should organise everything by sorting them out into various categories. This will help ensure that everything goes back to its assigned place. You could also opt for a brochure stand as that will help you keep your pamphlets, brochures and flyers organised.

Moreover, you need to allot proper spaces to your staff to store their personal belongings so that your display doesn’t seem unprofessional. Too many items on your stand can make your booth look unprofessional.

The bottom line is that you need to make the most of whatever little space you have to exhibit at a trade show. This includes tweaking a few small elements to create an attractive exhibition stand display that attracts your audience.

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Like many other things, your exhibition stand also has an expiration date. Even though your exhibition stand may last you a few years, after a few uses, it begins to lose its charm and appear outdated. Since the exhibition industry is highly competitive, you always have to be on top of your game. This means revamping and refreshing your stand from time to time, giving it a whole new look and feel.

Here are a few helpful tips you can use to refresh your exhibition stand, revamping its entire appearance.

1.     Transform Your Stand

You don’t need to invest in a whole new stand when you can easily transform your current one. Changing your stand design is a lot easier than it sounds. Many exhibition stand displays can be transformed using graphics or other techniques.

You can add a few extra elements such as linking panels to expand your exhibition frame. Moreover, you can create a unique look by mixing and matching heights and adding straight and curved displays. This will help your exhibition stand stand out from the rest of your competitors.

2.     Replace Your Graphics

Graphics can completely transform the look of your stand and have a stellar impact on your audience. They help captivate your visitors, keeping them engaged and engrossed for extended periods of time. If you don’t have a big budget, graphics are the way to go! You can get some great new creative and innovative graphics designed for your exhibition stand. This is a budget-friendly yet effective way to breathe new life into your trade show booth.

Make sure that the graphics you are planning to incorporate in your stand match the overall theme of the stand and of course, portray your brand in the best possible way. Additionally, your graphic designs should be attractive and eye-catching to lure in as many new customers as possible.

3.     Revamp the Lighting

For some extra dramatic effects, revamp the light of your exhibition stand. The lighting of your stand can have a huge impact on its appearance and affect the audience’s experience. By using lighting effectively, you can enhance and transform the entire outlook of your exhibition booth, helping you draw maximum attention to it. Don’t just rely on the lighting provided by the event organisers, get your own instead.

You have a variety of lighting options that you can incorporate in your exhibition booth, such as simple LED lights, colourful LED lights and spot lights. All these options will help your illuminate your stand, enhance your visibility and make you stand out.

4.     Add Exhibition Stand Accessories

It’s the minute details that can make all the difference. You can refresh your exhibition stand by incorporating different and innovative stand accessories. The choice of your accessories typically relies on the industry you’re operating in, the colour scheme of your booth and the overall experience you aim to deliver.

A few more things you will have to consider include how you think these accessories will benefit you, whether or not you can use them again and their overall impact on your stand design. A great way to advertise your brand is to use fully customised branded accessories. Not only will this help you transform your booth design, but the accessories will also work as the perfect marketing tool, thus saving you money that you would otherwise spend on other marketing tactics. Add your logo and tagline on the accessories and you’ve got the ideal branding tool!

5.     Add Floor Graphics

Another incredibly creative element to add to your exhibition stand is floor graphics. Not only do floor graphics serve as a convenient marketing technique, but they are also highly effective at grabbing customers’ attention, making your business stand out. If you have used all other marketing tools, adding colourful and eye-catching floor graphics to your stand is a great option!

By getting customised floor graphics plastered across your exhibition floor, you can give your customers the idea that you are a unique business. Moreover, floor graphics also create a long-lasting impression in a customer’s mind.

6.     Introduce Technology

If you have done it before, you should do it now! You can refresh your exhibition stand by adding technology. While it might be a little expensive to do so, rest assured, it will pay off in the long-run. By introducing interactive technologies, you can create an engaging experience for your audience. The most popular technologies that can be incorporated in your exhibition stand include Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Not only will incorporating these technologies in your stand help revamp your exhibition stand design, but they will also help create a memorable experience for your stand visitors.


If you fail to offer your audience something new, they will eventually turn to your competitors. To avoid this from happening, you can remodel your trade show booth by giving it an all new and fresh appearance.

By tweaking a few elements of your exhibition stand display and adding a few accessories, you can revamp and refresh your exhibition stand without spending too much money. However, if the above tips don’t cut it for you, start from scratch. Get yourself a new customised stand at an affordable price.

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Exhibitions and trade shows serve as an impressive platform to attract the audience’s attention towards your brand. While some businesses at an exhibition deliver compelling stories through their stand design, there are some businesses that have really confusing messages. Above all, some exhibition displays showcase too much text and a few low quality pictures, which deters the audience from visiting their stand.

If you are looking for the ideal way to attract and engage potential customers at a trade show, graphic designs are the way to go!

Graphics are a form of art that utilise colour, layout, typography and other elements to convey a message in a creative way. Graphic design is a great element to add to your exhibition stand display to communicate with the audience and mainly to attract them to your stand.

Factors to Consider If You Want to Display Graphics


Here are a few factors you need to consider about graphics to create maximum impact.


Professionally Designed

If you are using graphics in your exhibition stand, you need to ensure that they are professionally designed. Graphics are as important as the display stand itself. Since an exhibition can be the event of a lifetime for your business, make sure that you opt for a professional graphic designer rather than an amateur one. Moreover, you don’t have to rely on the designer completely; you can guide them about all the elements you wish to incorporate in your graphics and then sit back and watch them work their magic.


The placement of graphics in your exhibition stand is as important as their creative design. You need to choose the elements that you think your audience wants to see up-close and those that you think they want to see from across the exhibition hall and place them accordingly. The key to creating maximum impact through graphics is by placing them in strategic locations on your exhibition stand so that they grasp the audience’s attention. Graphics such as logos should never be placed in such a way that they can’t be spotted. They should be placed at the top so that they are visible even from a distance.


When designing graphics, you need to ensure that you keep the text to a minimum. When your audience passes by, you have only a few seconds to create an impact on them and ensure that they read and comprehend your brand message. Hence, by keeping text to a minimum and focusing more on the visual aspect of the graphics, you can convey your message more effectively and in an interesting way.

Moreover, even when adding text, make sure you proofread it multiple times to ensure that there aren’t any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Also, keep your message short and impactful.

Image Quality

When designing graphics for your exhibition stand, there are a few other factors you need to pay attention to. One of these important factors is the quality of the images used. Graphics require high resolution pictures to create maximum visual impact, so you need to ensure that you don’t compromise on that front.

Role of Graphics in Your Exhibition Stand Display


They Make Your Company Memorable

Exhibitions entail various similar businesses that belong to the same industry. In a setting like this, it can be pretty difficult to make an impression on the audience. Graphics serve as a fantastic tool to amp up your stand display and show your creativity. Tasteful graphic designs will help your business stand out. Moreover, this artistic communication medium also helps generate new leads by grasping the audience’s attention even from a distance. All in all, graphics help deliver a highly memorable experience to your customers, ensuring that they remember you even long after they have left the exhibition.

They Tell a Powerful Story

We have a short attention span; hence, it is pivotal than ever for businesses to come up with effective ways of conveying information. If you are looking for a highly impactful and colourful way of delivering a message to your audience – graphics are the way to go!

There is something about aesthetically pleasing images and graphics that just leave an imprint in peoples’ minds. It might be their colourful nature or interesting design that intrigues people and communicates with them. If there is anything you want your audience to remember for a long, long time, use graphics to bring your brand’s story to life.

They Are Easy to Understand

Huge paragraphs of text plastered across your exhibition stand display deter the audience from reading your display. In an environment as busy as an exhibition, your audience doesn’t have time to read paragraphs of text. Graphics, on the other hand, are an extremely attractive way to get your audience to focus on the information you want to deliver to them.

Through pictorial glimpses and effective designing, you can craft a more interesting message that you would otherwise convey through boring text. Moreover, graphics are also much easier to understand due to their visual elements, while text can be a little difficult to comprehend at times, making your audience miss out on the true meaning of the message.


When designing an exhibition stand display, exhibitors often overlook small elements that can serve as effective means to grasp the audiences’ attention. One of these elements is graphics. Graphics are eye-catching and can effectively broadcast your brand message to the audience.

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Exhibitions and trade shows are a traditional yet super-effective form of marketing a brand. Even though partaking in exhibitions is something almost all businesses should do, most of them choose not to. Due to the  costs incurred during exhibitions, many companies tend to take the back seat and miss out on a world of opportunities.

Participating in exhibitions has a variety of benefits and opportunities for businesses that are eager to explore them. By adopting an appropriate strategy and approach, your exhibition can be the place where you generate lucrative leads.

How do Businesses Generate Leads at Exhibitions?

Exhibitions and trade shows are based on a certain theme. Businesses from the same industry gather at a single place to show the audience everything they have to offer. These highly-focused events only attract those who are keenly interested in that specific industry and the benefits (products and services) it has to offer. Hence, such events present businesses with the opportunity to come face-to-face with individuals who are not only interested in their offerings but also have the purchasing power to acquire them.

Since so many prospects are gathered in a single place, it is but obvious that businesses can generate a ton of sales leads. But with so many competitors in a single place, how can businesses attract customers to their stand?

Here are a few ways through which you can generate leads at your next exhibition and attract potential customers:

1. Set Goals and Targets

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced exhibitor, your exhibition presence shouldn’t be treated as an exploratory opportunity. Every business has certain goals and objectives that provide them guidance throughout their journey. Exhibitions enable you to get a step or two closer to those goals!
Remember the S.M.A.R.T approach when setting goals; for instance, one goal could be to talk to X number of potential clients. By setting a specific goal, you will feel more determined and be able to determine whether it was worth participating in the exhibition. With extensive planning and research, your objectives will be realistic and achievable.

2. Have a Lead Generation Plan

The key to successfully achieving any goals and objectives is to develop an iron-clad plan. Many businesses fail to devote sufficient time and energy towards their exhibition presence. Little do they know, it is one of the best lead generating opportunities out there. They often show up completely unprepared, which leads to an unsuccessful event.
Developing a well-thought-out plan which includes hiring the right staff, creating an attractive and eye-catching stand, designing brochures, leaflets, etc., will help you remain organized and on-track before and during the exhibition. It also ensures that your business will be a smashing success at the trade show!

3. Make Your Booth Stand Out

Leads will only be successfully generated if your prospects and customers visit your exhibition stand. The best way to attract them is through your exhibition stand design. The first thing attendees spot when they enter the exhibition venue is the exhibition stands.
Event halls are often stuffed with a variety of booths with the same goal – grabbing the attention of the attendees. You can attract attendees by making your exhibition stand design stand out from the rest of the crowd. Creating a customized exhibition stand that represents your brand can help in this regard. Moreover, you can consider hiring professionals to help you create a unique and captivating exhibition booth.
Once you’ve managed to attract the attendees with your stand design, you can persuade them to opt for your brand’s unique offerings, hence generating leads.

4. Pay Attention to Product Placement

The overall appearance of your stand is vital for successful participation, but you will only be able to generate leads if the attendees are interested in your brand’s offerings. While a captivating presentation is sufficient to grab someone’s attention, only a valuable offering will convince them to make a purchase.
The placement of your products is pivotal for generating leads. They are supposed to be the focal point of your booth so you should typically place them in the front and the middle of the booth. Your products will give your prospects an idea about what you’re offering and how they can benefit from it.
Another great way to generate sales leads is to offer product demonstrations and samples to those prospects who display more interest.

5. Incorporate Call-To-Action Elements

The design of your exhibition stand and various marketing tactics will assist your brand in generating leads in more ways than one. This is only effective if you closely pay attention to your attendees during the show. A great way to help you generate more leads is including call-to-action (CTA) elements in your exhibition stand design.
You can set up an interactive screen or an electronic touch-pad where attendees can be asked to fill out surveys and their contact information. You can also opt for installing vending machines where instead of money, you can ask your stall visitors for their visiting cards. This way, you can generate more leads.

6. Train Your Sales Team

Even with the best exhibition design and great products, businesses fail to generate leads at exhibitions because of their sloppy sales team. If you want to generate successful leads, you will have to train your sales staff to be more proactive and intuitive. This will ensure that your potential clients turn into long term customers.
Providing your sales staff with extensive training before the event will help you generate a huge amount of sales leads. You will have to teach them how to differentiate between potential leads and window shoppers. This will save a lot of time and resources for your business. You also need to teach them how to start engaging conversations with potential customers so that they stay at the stand for a longer period of time.

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Searching for ways to market your brand? There’s a traditional yet uber-effective way to do so – exhibitions. The exhibition industry might be complex, but once you set your foot in, you won’t be able to go back!

Exhibition booths are the first thing your attendees notice when they set foot at the venue. Therefore, a substantial aspect of preparing for an exhibition is paying attention to your exhibition stand design.
Ensuring that your exhibition stand stands out from the rest of the crowd is perhaps the best way to attract show attendees towards your brand.

Even though designing an exhibition stand demands considerable effort, there are basic templates that serve as a canvas for designers to display their creativity.

Here are a few types of exhibition stand designs that are commonly used in the exhibition industry by businesses.

1. Modular Exhibition Stands

Made of aluminium, they are basic exhibition stands that you can customize according to your style and preference. You can spice them up by incorporating a variety of creative elements such as fabric, foamex and even printed graphics.
You can modify these simple stands by adding your favourite elements that suit your business needs. Exhibition graphics can easily be transformed and applied to your booth framework. The modular design means that the stand can be broken down into smaller components. These components can be packed into compact bundles and transported easily, making these stands super-convenient and manageable.

2. Customized Exhibition Stands

If you’re looking for a highly personalized exhibition stand for your business, you can get a stand customized. Custom-made exhibition stands can either be designed for a one-off event or for multiple events. There are many stand designers that offer you the luxury to rent or buy customized exhibition stands.
A customized stand is tailored meticulously to suit the exhibition needs and requirements of your business. From choosing the design to adding additional elements including graphics, lighting, technology, etc., everything is up to you.
They are designed for maximum impact and are the best way to represent your brand to the audience. Customized exhibition stands are based on a particular theme and usually incorporate elements and colours that provide a picture of your business. However, it can be pretty tricky to make any modifications to these stands to participate in future events.

3. Pop-Up Exhibition Stands

Pop-up exhibition stands are generally popular for small businesses participating in pop-up shows or events. These stands are super-compact and are tailored mainly for small exhibition spaces. They are extremely convenient as they can be transported and set up by the exhibiting staff with minimal effort.
To expand the overall exhibition stand framework, you can instantly incorporate magnetic exhibition graphics. Pop-up exhibition stands are generally meant to be used within shell-scheme spaces, making them considerably budget-friendly.
Pop-up exhibition stands are also known for their durability. Despite being dismantled and re-mounted multiple times, the surface of these stands is completely scratch-resistant. Moreover, storing pop-up stands is a piece of cake. You can dismantle them and store them in a car trunk, cupboard or closet. This reduces storage costs significantly.

4. Row Exhibition Stands

Row exhibition stands are one of the most popular exhibition stands within the exhibition industry. These stands are generally adjoined on three sides with neighbouring stands. The front portion of the stand, known as the wall stand, faces the hall, allowing you to interact with your customers and prospects.
Row exhibition stands are opened to all sorts of furnishing and accessories including roll-up banners. You can incorporate a loose wall, floor coverings and even seats. These exhibition stands have proven to be uber-economical while providing a highly efficient solution, especially if you don’t regularly participate in trade shows and exhibitions.
The biggest drawback of opting for row exhibition stands is that it gets pretty difficult to attract the attention of the customers. Set in a row, all the stands appear the same. Therefore, you’ll have to put in more effort to stand out from the crowd.

5. Banner Stands

If you’re searching for movable displays, then banner stands should be your go-to option! These are a definite way to turn heads, making them a fantastic, eye-catching option for you. As the name suggests, banner stands are designed in a way that they are able to hold banners in an erect position. They also ensure that your banners don’t fall over with any minute pushes.
Banner stands are great for outdoor exhibitions as they hold your banners in place, regardless of the wind pressure. You can decorate these stands by designing some super-cool motor or roll-up banners and incorporating a ton of graphics and images. Moreover, their design makes them very practical and convenient to move around.

6. Island Stands

Island stands are perhaps, the best stands when it comes to audience engagement, but they are extremely expensive to design. However, with the most eye-catching appearance and design, the cost of these stands is completely justified.
Open on all four sides, Islands stands don’t have a single wall. This offers a spectacular opportunity for businesses to interact and engage with their customers from all four sides! By dividing and assigning a portion of the stand to your sales staff, this exhibition stand can generate extensive sales leads for your business.
Islands stands are very attractive and offer high-visibility to your business, especially if you incorporate banners and billboards. However, these stands typically require an ample amount of space.


Your exhibition stand plays a pivotal role in creating a successful exhibition experience. Impressive and well-designed exhibition stands can take your business a long way. With the variety of exhibition stand design options available, you can choose one that suits your business needs the best.

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