10 Promotional Exhibition Giveaway Ideas


Exhibition attendees love a good promotional giveaway when attending exhibitions, trade shows and other networking events and are a great opportunity to get your name out there and meet new people.

But first you must consider how you will attract people to your exhibition stand.

A well-known way is to have promotional exhibition giveaways, Such as, promotional pens, notebooks, car chargers, etc.


These are usually handed out freely as promotional giveaways but can also be coupled with various trade show games such as spin the wheel.

The problem with promotional exhibition giveaways is that there are so many different items available that it can be hard to choose which is best for your company, your brand, and your audience.

Here are 10 promotional giveaway ideas to help you at your next exhibition or networking event. 


  1. Promotional Pens
  2. Notebooks
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. USB car charger
  5. Touch screen cleaning cloths
  6. Tablet stylus pens
  7. Tote bags
  8. Luggage tags
  9. Lip balms
  10. Food





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Customer service is essential for customer satisfaction and retention, as well as profitability in the exhibition industry.

Having a well-defined customer service strategy in place in any industry can no longer be an afterthought. It is essential for customer retention and gaining new clients. It is essential to keep the customers you have, and gain their loyalty. Loyal customers are advocates of your organisation, and they also tend to be the most profitable so look after them


Here are 4 top tips you can implement today!

  1. Ask your customers wat they want

You may think you know what your customers expect from you in terms of customer service & support, but you may be amazed at what your customers might tell you they really expect if you take some time to ask them.

When you’re building a company and you start developing a product you always get feedback on what the customers want. At the end of the day when you really ask them questions & listen to them, you’d be amazed at what they say.


  1. Learn to anticipate what your customers will expect

You’ve got to invest up front and take the time to understand what your customer’s requirements are to home in on what they expect from you, get to the point where you can anticipate what some of them are going to need to provide an epic experience and also understand where the expectation lies to hopefully go above it.


  1. Create policies that drive the experience you want to provide to your customers

One of the most challenging spaces to give great customer service in is Live Events. I have learned from watching others fail in support that having that commitment to giving high level of customer service helps you grow your customer base & retention. We also have a very strong ethical and moral core of the kind of service we want to provide that we continually reflect on as we try to set up the best policies regarding giving exceptional customer service.


  1. Look for small changes to make in the process

First of all, make sure you have a process! Which means you know how to gather and respond to customers no matter where they are reaching out to you. You know where to get answers to questions you don’t have answers to or able to assign those special cases to someone on your team and then have the ability to know how the issue was resolved. We always find ways to tweak the process so that we can respond faster and exceed customer expectations.


customer service display revolution


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Looking to attend your next Trade Show stands or live event? When you exhibit it can be a beneficial method for any company out there looking for great company exposure, to build brand awareness, and those all-important lead opportunities.


Here are 5 Tips for exhibiting success!


1. Furniture

You want as much time with your visitors as possible. What better way to attract people to come onto your stand than furniture? Even though exhibition stand spaces are often limited, there is always room for a setup that will keep your guests talking and keep them engaging with your brand. To get some inspiration for your event furniture.




2. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a successful exhibition stand. Not only can it be tailor made to represent your brand, but it also serves as a unique touch, helping your exhibition stand out. A well-lit, professional space is always a good way to attract clients during your event. LED Lighting


3. Graphics

People are there to learn, not only about your product or services but also about you and your brand! The most successful trade show exhibition stands incorporate those unique and personal aspects of your company into their design and presentation. A trade show is great for brand awareness, but it’s not just you out there. People have places to go, and people to see, so make sure you make it memorable! One great way to integrate your brand is with display graphics.


4. Engagement

So, visitors are hovering, and you want to bring them in to interact with your brand. Make the most of your trade exhibition stand with interactive technology. Touch screens, hands-on experience, virtual reality or other exhibition stand games will enable your brand to make an impact while allowing more time for you to make a more relevant connection with those you have the chance to talk to.


5. Human Interaction

No amount of amazing technology or appealing graphics can do what human beings can in creating that connection between your brand and your visitors. A successful event helps visitors develop that positive and productive relationship with brands they feel are ones they can really get behind.

Nothing will better foster this loyalty than good old-fashioned human interaction. Presenting visitors with a friendly and engaging face for their company will do wonders for sending them off more valuable to you than ever.

Exhibitions are an ocean of knowledge, and it’s easy for visitors to come and go without remembering a thing. Making sure you’ve got the team and design to catch and retain their attention.

A little planning on what you are trying to achieve at your event, what you want to say, and who needs to know…………will always be worth the extra effort.




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The key to hosting a successful event doesn’t just lie in a single aspect, such as lighting or catering, but in the seamless implementation of every element. These practical considerations often need careful and thorough preparation before, during, and after the actual day. At Display Revolution, we offer a comprehensive event management service to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Detailed and complimentary consultations

Every organisation has specific requirements that must be taken into consideration during the planning process for any special occasion. These aspects can depend on the type of event, the range of activities that are going to take place, and other considerations such as venue location, timing, and logistics.

We offer a free consultation appointment to discuss your proposed event and ascertain your precise needs. Our experienced team will ensure that every feature is considered and covered in your initial consultation. This option means that you can be sure that your project is in good hands before planning even officially begins.


A streamlined end to end service

At Display Revolution, we are able to plan for and meet the demands of a wide range of events. These can include exhibitions, conferences, awards dinners, parties, and even group team building days. Whether your project has a large or small number of attendees, we can cater for all eventualities.

If you require full assistance from event planning right through to clear up, we offer a seamless end to end service. Our team is experienced at managing every aspect so that each requirement is met efficiently and quickly. However, if you only need support with part of your event, or even just a single element, we will use our expertise to provide you with impeccable results. We can help to secure the ideal venue or provide you with a specialist service, in order to ensure that your event is perfect.


Guaranteed experience and expertise

Our accomplished event management team has been providing comprehensive event planning solutions for decades. Whether you require on-site management or logistical support, you can relax in the knowledge that every detail will be handled by individuals with a proven track record of leadership and reliable task delegation.

Our experts are capable of selecting venues and organising trade shows and product launches, as well as anticipating the needs of various corporate events. They can organise rigging, staging, and lighting services, or even help your organisation develop a dynamic live experience to engage your audience.


A dedicated and thorough approach

At Display Revolution, our team aims to ensure that your event stands out and provides you with the maximum commercial exposure. Our service is detailed and efficient right from the initial consultation through to completion. We pride ourselves on our creative vision and hardworking ethos, which combine to provide you with an unbeatable service that is specifically tailored to your needs.

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