Every exhibitor has one important question on their mind, “how do I stand out from my competitors?” An exhibition entails various similar businesses showcasing their brand, products and services. This factor makes it all the more vital for companies to think outside the box and make their exhibition display shine brighter than its competitor.

The most successful exhibitors aren’t those who have massive fancy displays; they are those who make the best out of what they have. A part of boosting your exhibition space includes adding some final touches to give your display a personality of its own.

Here’s what you can do to add some special touches to your exhibition stand display.

Light Displays

Want to spice up your exhibition stand display? Incorporating an uber-cool light box is the way to go! A light box display entails various printed displays with a beautiful back-lit stand. These lights help illuminate the graphics of your stand, making it stand out and attract the audience’s attention.

A normal exhibition stand has graphics printed onto a stretched fabric panel which is fit into the aluminium frame of the display. To make the most of a small exhibition space or a dark stand, adding a light box offers amazing lighting. Moreover, this also helps promote your business and brand message effectively to the audience.

Stand Furniture

Another great way to boost your exhibition space is by employing the correct furniture. Make the best use of your space by using modern, inflatable and customised furniture if you have the resources. By setting up proper space with seating and tables, you can attract customers to visit and relax at your stand. However, it’s important to choose appropriate furniture that goes well with the theme of your overall stand.

Instead of placing bulky chairs that take up too much space, you can keep modern-looking bar stools that give a more professional and sleek appearance and utilise minimal space. You can also add a few printed inflatable seats as they will add uniqueness to your small exhibition space. These finishing tweaks may be small, but they can maximise your exhibition space significantly and contribute to the overall look of the display.

Graphics and Images

If you’re looking to boost your exhibition stand display while utilising minimal space, then incorporate graphics and images in its design. These tiny elements can make a huge difference by ramping up your display space and appealing to the audience. However, you need to be extremely careful when adding these elements to your display.

Too much text can make your small exhibition display appear even smaller than it is. So, it’s a good option to use text only to convey important messages and information to your audience. On the other hand, high quality graphics and images are extremely compelling means of beautifying your display while delivering important information to the audience. They are also a great medium through which you can communicate complex messages.

When incorporating images and graphics, an important thing you need to bear in mind is their design and placement. In order to maximise their impact, you need to place them at relevant places where your audience can immediately notice them. Moreover, you should try and make them bright and colourful without overdoing them for maximum audience attraction.


Another incredible way to boost your exhibition stand display is to incorporate various technological elements. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are some of the popular types of technology that can enhance your exhibition space and make it interactive.

AR and VR technologies are providing a growing number of businesses with the opportunity to engage with their potential customers. While they might be an expensive element to incorporate in your design, rest assured, they do pay off in the long haul. They help display and show your products and services in action, especially for automobile and electronic gadget companies.

You can also incorporate interactive screens throughout your stand without worrying about any space issues. Not only do they add to your design, but they also create an engaging and interactive experience for your audience. You can also keep iPads or tablets so that your audience can fill in their information and place TV screens on walls and run some creative videos of your business and products on them.

All in all, technology can truly boost your exhibition stand display and create a highly memorable experience for your audience. Moreover, with AR and VR at your stand, you can expect to attract a large number of attendees like a moth to a flame.

Clean Display

Whether you have a big or small exhibition space, you need to ensure that it remains clean and uncluttered throughout the event. Small exhibition spaces appear smaller than they are if they are too messy. Firstly, you should organise everything by sorting them out into various categories. This will help ensure that everything goes back to its assigned place. You could also opt for a brochure stand as that will help you keep your pamphlets, brochures and flyers organised.

Moreover, you need to allot proper spaces to your staff to store their personal belongings so that your display doesn’t seem unprofessional. Too many items on your stand can make your booth look unprofessional.

The bottom line is that you need to make the most of whatever little space you have to exhibit at a trade show. This includes tweaking a few small elements to create an attractive exhibition stand display that attracts your audience.

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